2009年12月 9日


I'm announcing the release of the kernel. All users of the
2.6.31 kernel series are very strongly encouraged to upgrade.

I'll also be replying to this message with a copy of the patch between and

The updated 2.6.31.y git tree can be found at:

and can be browsed at the normal kernel.org git web browser:


greg k-h


Makefile | 2
arch/x86/kernel/acpi/processor.c | 3
drivers/dca/dca-core.c | 51 ++++++++++-----
drivers/hwmon/it87.c | 2
drivers/isdn/hisax/hfc_usb.c | 4 -
drivers/media/common/tuners/tda18271-fe.c | 8 +-
drivers/media/dvb/frontends/dib7000p.c | 5 +
drivers/media/video/em28xx/em28xx-audio.c | 5 +
drivers/media/video/s2255drv.c | 5 -
drivers/misc/thinkpad_acpi.c | 2
drivers/scsi/gdth.c | 2
drivers/usb/host/ohci-hcd.c | 5 +
drivers/usb/host/ohci-pci.c | 20 ++++++
drivers/usb/host/ohci-q.c | 18 +++--
drivers/usb/host/ohci.h | 9 ++
drivers/usb/serial/aircable.c | 5 -
drivers/usb/serial/belkin_sa.c | 7 --
drivers/usb/serial/cp2101.c | 6 -
drivers/usb/serial/cyberjack.c | 20 ++++--
drivers/usb/serial/cypress_m8.c | 11 +--
drivers/usb/serial/digi_acceleport.c | 20 ++++--
drivers/usb/serial/empeg.c | 8 --
drivers/usb/serial/ftdi_sio.c | 14 ----
drivers/usb/serial/garmin_gps.c | 16 ++++
drivers/usb/serial/generic.c | 9 ++
drivers/usb/serial/io_edgeport.c | 29 ++++++--
drivers/usb/serial/io_tables.h | 12 ++-
drivers/usb/serial/io_ti.c | 22 +++++-
drivers/usb/serial/ipaq.c | 7 --
drivers/usb/serial/iuu_phoenix.c | 6 -
drivers/usb/serial/keyspan.c | 13 +++-
drivers/usb/serial/keyspan.h | 12 ++-
drivers/usb/serial/keyspan_pda.c | 4 -
drivers/usb/serial/kl5kusb105.c | 39 ++++++------
drivers/usb/serial/kobil_sct.c | 12 +--
drivers/usb/serial/mct_u232.c | 13 +---
drivers/usb/serial/mos7720.c | 9 --
drivers/usb/serial/mos7840.c | 48 ++++++++++++--
drivers/usb/serial/omninet.c | 19 ++++-
drivers/usb/serial/option.c | 97 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++---
drivers/usb/serial/oti6858.c | 7 --
drivers/usb/serial/pl2303.c | 5 -
drivers/usb/serial/sierra.c | 28 +++++++-
drivers/usb/serial/spcp8x5.c | 5 -
drivers/usb/serial/ti_usb_3410_5052.c | 10 +--
drivers/usb/serial/usb-serial.c | 29 ++++----
drivers/usb/serial/visor.c | 13 +---
drivers/usb/serial/whiteheat.c | 6 -
fs/fuse/dir.c | 3
fs/fuse/file.c | 3
fs/jffs2/read.c | 9 +-
include/linux/usb/serial.h | 12 ++-
sound/arm/aaci.c | 6 +
sound/usb/usbaudio.h | 2
54 files changed, 493 insertions(+), 244 deletions(-)

Alan Cox (3):
tty_port: If we are opened non blocking we still need to raise the carrier
tty: cp210x: Fix carrier handling
tty_port: handle the nonblocking open of a dead port corner case

Alan Stern (2):
USB: usbmon: fix bug in mon_buff_area_shrink
USB: EHCI: don't send Clear-TT-Buffer following a STALL

Antti Kaijanm臾i (1):
hso: fix soft-lockup

Anuj Aggarwal (1):
ASoC: AIC23: Fixing infinite loop in resume path

Becky Bruce (1):
powerpc: Fix DEBUG_HIGHMEM build break from d4515646699

Ben Hutchings (2):
acenic: Pass up error code from ace_load_firmware()
sfc: Set ip_summed correctly for page buffers passed to GRO

Brandon Philips (1):
sky2: set carrier off in probe

Chris Wilson (1):
drm/i915: Select CONFIG_SHMEM

Chuck Ebbert (1):
crypto: padlock-aes - Use the correct mask when checking whether copying is required

Clemens Ladisch (5):
sound: rawmidi: disable active-sensing-on-close by default
sound: rawmidi: fix checking of O_APPEND when opening MIDI device
sound: rawmidi: fix double init when opening MIDI device with O_APPEND
sound: rawmidi: fix MIDI device O_APPEND error handling
drm/fb: fix FBIOGET/PUT_VSCREENINFO pixel clock handling

Csaba Henk (1):
fuse: reject O_DIRECT flag also in fuse_create

Daniel J Blueman (1):
ALSA: hda - Dell Studio 1557 hd-audio quirk

Daniel Mack (1):
pxamci: call mmc_remove_host() before freeing resources

Dave Jones (1):
gdth: Prevent negative offsets in ioctl CVE-2009-3080

David Ford (1):
ipv4: additional update of dev_net(dev) to struct *net in ip_fragment.c, NULL ptr OOPS

David S. Miller (1):
sparc: Move of_set_property_mutex acquisition outside of devtree_lock grab.

David Woodhouse (1):
jffs2: Fix memory corruption in jffs2_read_inode_range()

Denis Loginov (1):
V4L/DVB (12356): gspca - sonixj: Webcam 0c45:6148 added

Devin Heitmueller (1):
V4L/DVB (13190): em28xx: fix panic that can occur when starting audio streaming

Eric Dumazet (2):
udp: Fix udp_poll() and ioctl()
net: fix sk_forward_alloc corruption

Eric W. Biederman (1):
USB: ftdi_sio: Keep going when write errors are encountered.

Erik Andr駭 (3):
V4L/DVB (13255): gspca - m5602-s5k4aa: Add vflip quirk for the Bruneinit laptop
V4L/DVB (13256): gspca - m5602-s5k4aa: Add another MSI GX700 vflip quirk
V4L/DVB (13257): gspca - m5602-s5k4aa: Add vflip for Fujitsu Amilo Xi 2528

Greg Kroah-Hartman (1):

Hans Verkuil (2):
V4L/DVB (13321): radio-gemtek-pci: fix double mutex_lock
V4L/DVB (12948): v4l1-compat: fix VIDIOC_G_STD handling

Harald Welte (1):
Enable ACPI PDC handshake for VIA/Centaur CPUs

Heiko Carstens (1):
fs: add missing compat_ptr handling for FS_IOC_RESVSP ioctl

Helge Deller (1):
modules: don't export section names of empty sections via sysfs

Henry Gebhardt (1):
USB: cdc_acm: Fix race condition when opening tty

Jamal Hadi Salim (1):
pkt_sched: pedit use proper struct

Jan Engelhardt (1):
netfilter: xt_connlimit: fix regression caused by zero family value

Jasper Spaans (1):
bonding: Modify hash transmit policies to use the packet's source MAC address

Jean Delvare (3):
hwmon: (adt7475) Fix temperature fault flags
hwmon: (adt7475) Cache limits for 60 seconds
i2c: Fix userspace_device list corruption

Jean-Francois Moine (4):
V4L/DVB (12280): gspca - sonixj: Remove auto gain/wb/expo for the ov7660 sensor.
V4L/DVB (12501): gspca - sonixj: Do the ov7660 sensor work again.
V4L/DVB (12691): gspca - sonixj: Don't use mdelay().
V4L/DVB (12696): gspca - sonixj / sn9c102: Two drivers for 0c45:60fc and 0c45:613e.

Jeff Layton (2):
cifs: don't use CIFSGetSrvInodeNumber in is_path_accessible
cifs: clean up handling when server doesn't consistently support inode numbers

Jesse Barnes (1):
drm: work around EDIDs with bad htotal/vtotal values

Johannes Berg (3):
mac80211: fix two remote exploits
mac80211: fix spurious delBA handling
rfkill: fix miscdev ops

Jozsef Kadlecsik (1):
netfilter: nf_nat: fix NAT issue in

Julian Anastasov (1):
ALSA: usb-audio: fix combine_word problem

KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki (1):
memcg: fix wrong pointer initialization at page migration when memcg is disabled.

Kenji Kaneshige (1):
PCI: Prevent AER driver from being loaded on non-root port PCIE devices

Larry Finger (2):
rtl8187: Fix kernel oops when device is removed when LEDS enabled
b43: Work around mac80211 race condition

Libin Yang (1):
USB: ohci: quirk AMD prefetch for USB 1.1 ISO transfer

Mark Brown (1):
ASoC: Fix suspend with active audio streams

Martin Samek (1):
V4L/DVB (13079): dib0700: fixed xc2028 firmware loading kernel oops

Mel Gorman (2):
page allocator: Do not allow interrupts to use ALLOC_HARDER
page allocator: always wake kswapd when restarting an allocation attempt after direct reclaim failed

Michael Buesch (1):
b43: Fix DMA TX bounce buffer copying

Michael Krufky (4):
V4L/DVB (13107): tda18271: fix overflow in FM radio frequency calculation
V4L/DVB (13202): smsusb: add autodetection support for three additional Hauppauge USB IDs
V4L/DVB (13313): saa7134: add support for FORCE_TS_VALID mode for mpeg ts input
V4L/DVB (13314): saa7134: set ts_force_val for the Hauppauge WinTV HVR-1150

Michal Simek (1):
tty/of_serial: add missing ns16550a id

Mike Isely (3):
V4L/DVB (13169): bttv: Fix potential out-of-order field processing
V4L/DVB (13170): bttv: Fix reversed polarity error when switching video standard
V4L/DVB (13230): s2255drv: Don't conditionalize video buffer completion on waiting processes

Mimi Zohar (1):
ima: replace GFP_KERNEL with GFP_NOFS

Nanhai Zou (1):
drm/i915: Fix IRQ stall issue on Ironlake

Neil Brown (1):
block: use after free bug in __blkdev_get

NeilBrown (4):
md: don't clear endpoint for resync when resync is interrupted.
md/raid5: make sure curr_sync_completes is uptodate when reshape starts
md/raid1/raid10: add a cond_resched
md: revert incorrect fix for read error handling in raid1.

Nick Kossifidis (1):
ath5k: Linear PCDAC code fixes

Oliver Neukum (1):
USB: work around for EHCI with quirky periodic schedules

Paul Mackerras (1):
perf_event: Adjust frequency and unthrottle for non-group-leader events

Peter Feuerer (3):
acerhdf: fix fan control for AOA150 model
acerhdf: additional BIOS versions
acerhdf: return temperature in milidegree instead of degree

Robert Lowery (1):
V4L/DVB (13436): cxusb: Fix hang on DViCO FusionHDTV DVB-T Dual Digital 4 (rev 1)

Rodolfo Giometti (2):
pps: events reporting fix up
pps: locking scheme fix up for PPS_GETPARAMS

Roel Kluin (3):
thinkpad-acpi: fix sign of ERESTARTSYS return
sparc64: replace parentheses in pmul()
isdn: hfc_usb: Fix read buffer overflow

Russell King (3):
ALSA: AACI: fix AC97 multiple-open bug
ALSA: AACI: fix recording bug
kmap: fix build errors with DEBUG_HIGHMEM enabled

Rusty Russell (4):
sched: Fix boot crash by zalloc()ing most of the cpu masks
sched: Fix isolcpus boot option
speedstep-ich: fix error caused by 394122ab144dae4b276d74644a2f11c44a60ac5c
param: don't complain about unused module parameters.

Ryusuke Konishi (1):
nilfs2: fix kernel oops in error case of nilfs_ioctl_move_blocks

Samuel Thibault (1):
Input: keyboard - fix braille keyboard keysym generation

Sarah Sharp (3):
USB: xhci: Fix bug memory free after failed initialization.
USB: xhci: Fix TRB physical to virtual address translation.
USB: xhci: Fix scratchpad deallocation.

Scott Valentine (1):
rtc: v3020: fix v3020_mmio_read_bit()

Sergei Shtylyov (1):
USB: musb_gadget: fix STALL handling

Seth Barry (1):
V4L/DVB (13109): tda18271: fix signedness issue in tda18271_rf_tracking_filters_init

Soeren Sandmann (2):
highmem: Fix race in debug_kmap_atomic() which could cause warn_count to underflow
highmem: Fix debug_kmap_atomic() to also handle KM_IRQ_PTE, KM_NMI, and KM_NMI_PTE

Steve French (2):
CIFS: fix oops in cifs_lookup during net boot
CIFS: Duplicate data on appending to some Samba servers

Sukadev Bhattiprolu (1):
pidns: fix a leak in /proc dentries and inodes with pid namespaces.

Suresh Jayaraman (1):
cifs: clear server inode number flag while autodisabling

Thomas Dahlmann (1):
usb: amd5536udc: fixed shared interrupt bug and warning oops

Thomas Gleixner (1):
uids: Prevent tear down race

Trond Myklebust (1):
NFSv4: Fix a cache validation bug which causes getcwd() to return ENOENT

Wey-Yi Guy (2):
iwlwifi: Use RTS/CTS as the preferred protection mechanism for 6000 series
iwlwifi: Fix issue on file transfer stalled in HT mode

Zhang Le (1):
USB: option.c: add support for D-Link DWM-162-U5

Zhenyu Wang (1):
agp/intel: new host bridge support

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