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☆ Apache Tomcat 7.0.23

Tomcat 7.0.23 (markt)

* 46264: Add the ability to start and stop containers (primarily
Contexts) using a thread pool rather than a single thread. This can
significantly improve start and stop time. Based on patches by Joe
Kislo and Felix Schumacher. (markt)
* 50570: Enable FIPS mode to be set in AprLifecycleListener. Based
upon a patch from Chris Beckey. (schultz/kkolinko)
* 51744: Throw the correct exception if an application attempts to
modify the associated JNDI context. (markt)
* 51744: Add an option to the StandardContext that allows exception
throwing when an application attempts to modify the associated JNDI
context to be disabled. (markt)
* 51910: Prevent NPE on connector stop if Comet applications are being
used without the CometConnectionManagerValve. (markt)
* 51940: Do not limit saving of request bodies during FORM
authentication to POST requests since any HTTP method may include a
request body. Based on a patch by Nicholas Sushkin. (markt/kkolinko)
* 51956: RemoteAddrFilter used getRemoteHost instead of getRemoteAddr
when filtering Comet events. (schultz)
* 51952: Make the inclusion of a response body with a redirect
response introduced to address 41718 optional and disabled by
default due to the side-effects of including a body with the
response in this case. (markt)
* 51972: Correctly handle protocol relative URLs when used with
sendRedirect(). (markt)
* Simplify the deployment code and use full paths in log messages to
remove any ambiguity in where a context is being deployed from. (markt)
* 52009: Fix a NPE during access log entry recording when an error
occurred during the processing of a Comet request. (markt)
* In OneLineFormatter log formatter in JULI always use the US locale
to format the date (esp. the month names). (rjung)
* Cache the results of parsing the global and host level web.xml files
to improve web application start time. (markt)
* 52042: Correct threading issue in annotation caching that could lead
to an NPE if multiple threads were processing the same class
hierarchy for annotations. (markt)
* Correct additional threading and premature clearance issues with the
annotation cache. (markt)
* Correct a regression in the fix for 49779 that parameters POSTed by
an unauthenticated user to a page that required FORM authentication
were lost during the authentication process. (markt)
* 52055: Ensure that the input and output buffers are correctly reset
between keep-alive requests when using Servlet 3.0 asynchronous
request processing. (markt)
* Ensure changes to the configuration of the RemoteHostValve and the
RemoteAddrValve via JMX are thread-safe. (markt)
* Ensure the the memory leak protection for the HttpClient keep-alive
always operates even if the thread has already stopped. (markt)
* Remove the Java 1.2 specific error handling around the adding of the
shutdown hook. (markt)
* Correct errors in i18n resources and resource usage that meant some
messages were either not used or were incorrectly formatted. (markt)
* Replace the use of deprecated auth method names from
authenticator.Constants with the auth method names from
HttpServletRequest. (kkolinko)
* Make configuration issues for security related Valves and Filters
result in the failure of the valve or filter rather than just a
warning message. (markt)
* Improve performance of parameter processing for GET and POST
requests. Also add an option to limit the maximum number of
parameters processed per request. This defaults to 10000. Excessive
parameters are ignored. Note that FailedRequestFilter can be used to
reject the request if some parameters were ignored. (markt/kkolinko)
* 52091: Address performance issues related to lock contention in
StandardWrapper. Patch provided by Taiki Sugawara. (markt)
* Switch to using Collections.enumeration() rather than custom code
that does the same thing. (markt)
* 52113: Don't assume presence of context.xml file with JMX
deployment. (markt)
* In RequestFilterValve (RemoteAddrValve, RemoteHostValve): refactor
value matching logic into separate method and expose this new method
isAllowed through JMX. (kkolinko)
* 52156: Ensure that getServletContext().getResource(path) returns the
correct resource when path contains /../ sequences or any other
sequences that require normalization. (markt)
* Report existence of HTTP request parameter parsing errors via new
special ServletRequest attribute,
org.apache.catalina.parameter_parse_failed. (kkolinko)
* New filter FailedRequestFilter that will reject a request if there
were errors during HTTP parameter parsing. (kkolinko)
* Improve special attributes handling in Request object by using hash
table lookup instead of series of string comparisons. (kkolinko)
* Deprecate unused methods in IntrospectionUtils class. (kkolinko)
* Improve processing of errors that are wrapped in
InvocationTargetException. Rethrow fatal errors that must be
rethrown. (kkolinko)
* Improve handling of failed web application deployments during
automatic deployment. Once deployment of a web application fails in
one form (e.g. WAR), no further attempt (e.g. directory) will be
made to deploy that web application. The base Lifecycle
implementation has been improved to allow failed web applications to
be started once the configuration issues have been resolved. Any
changes to a context.xml file (global, per host or web application
specific) will now result in a redeploy of the affected web
application(s) that ensures that any changes are correctly applied
rather than a reload which ignores changes in context.xml files.
* 52173: Improve Javadoc for delegate attribute of WebappClassLoader.
Based on a patch by bmargulies. (markt)
* Add denyStatus attribute to RequestFilterValve (RemoteAddrValve,
RemoteHostValve valves) and RequestFilter (RemoteAddrFilter,
RemoteHostFilter filters). It allows to use different HTTP response
code when rejecting denied request. E.g. 404 instead of 403. (kkolinko)
* Slightly improve performance of UDecoder.convert(). Align %2f
handling between implementations. (kkolinko)

* 51881: Correctly complete Comet requests when the Comet END event is
triggered asynchronously. (markt)
* 51905: Fix infinite loop in AprEndpoint shutdown if acceptor unlock
fails. Reduce timeout before forcefully closing the socket from 30s
to 10s. (kkolinko)
* 51912: Fix HTTP header processing in NIO HTTP connector. (kkolinko)
* Improve MimeHeaders.toString(). (kkolinko)
* Fix threading issue in NIO connectors during shutdown that meant
Comet connections were not always shut down cleanly. (markt)
* In HTTP connectors: self-guard against using a non-recycled input
buffer. Requests will be rejected with response status 400. (kkolinko)
* 52121: Fix possible output corruption when compression is enabled
for a connector and the response is flushed. Includes a test case
provided by David Marcks. (kkolinko/markt)
* Improve multi-byte character handling in Coyote output for HTTP and
AJP. (rjung)
* Refactor acceptor unlock code to reduce waiting time during
connector pause and stop. (markt)

* Correct possible (but very small) memory leak when using
maxLoadedJsps to limit the number of JSPs loaded at any one
time. (markt)
* 52051: Better handling of missing resource problems with
non-standard Servlet mappings so that a 404 response is returned to
the client rather than a 500 response. (markt)
* 52091: Address performance issues related to log creation in
TagHandlerPool. Patch provided by Taiki Sugawara. (markt)
* Switch to using Collections.enumeration() rather than custom code
that does the same thing. (markt)

* Avoid an unnecessary session ID change notice. Notice of changed
session ID by JvmRouteBinderValve is unnecessary to BackupManager.
In BackupManager, change of session ID is replicated by the call of
a setId() method. (kfujino)
* Fix duplicate resetDeltaRequest() call in DeltaSession.setId(String).
* Work around a known JVM bug that is fixed in 1.7.0_01 but still
present in 1.6.0_29 and was triggering intermittent unit test
failures for org.apache.catalina.tribes.group.
TestGroupChannelMemberArrival.testMemberArrival. The bug affects any
components that use NIO although it was more likely to be observed
in the clustering module than the HTTP or AJP NIO connector. (markt)
* When Context manager does not exist, no context manager message is
replied in order to avoid timeout (default 60sec) of
GET_ALL_SESSIONS sync phase. (kfujino)
* Fix setting maxInactiveInterval, sessionIdLength and
processExpiresFrequency for cluster managers. Use setter when
setting maxActiveSessions. (rjung)

Web applications
* 50923: Use distinct background color for code tag in Tomcat
documentation, for better readability. (kkolinko)
* 51630: Fix bug in async0 example that triggered an
IllegalStateException in the application log. (markt)
* 52025: Add additional information regarding DriverManager, the
service provider mechanism and memory leaks. (markt)
* 52049: Improve setup instructions for running as a Windows service:
remove references to specific Windows operating systems - it easily
becomes dated; correct information on how a JRE is identified and
selected. (markt)
* 52172: Clarify Tomcat build instructions. Patch provided by bmargulies.

* Update the package re-named copy of Commons BCEL (formerly Jakarta
BCEL) to the latest code from Commons BCEL trunk. (markt)
* Remove some unused code from the packaged renamed Commons BCEL. (markt)
* 52015: In jdbc-pool: JdbcInterceptor passes not 'this' but 'proxy'
to getNext().invoke. (kfujino)
* 52059: In Windows uninstaller: Do not forget to remove Tomcat keys
from 32-bit registry on deinstallation. (kkolinko)
* Start the process of deprecating unused and unnecessary code that
will be removed in the next major release (8.0.x). (markt)
* Ignore .git directory when building the source distributive. (markt)
* Remove trailing whitespace from the default configuration files. (kkolinko)
* Improve RUNNING.txt. (kkolinko)
* Update optional Checkstyle library to 5.5. (kkolinko)
* In test suite: add LoggingBaseTest class to allow use of Tomcat
logging configuration in tests that do not start Tomcat. (kkolinko)
* In test suite: speed up TestGroupChannelSenderConnections. Remove 48
seconds worth of waits. (kkolinko)
* 52148: Add tomcat-coyote.jar to catalina-tasks.xml as this JAR is
now required by the Ant tasks. Patch provided by Volker Krebs. (markt)
* In jdbc-pool: Improve handling of Errors that originate from methods
invoked through reflection. In TrapException interceptor: rethrow
Error as is, without wrapping it in a RuntimeException. (kkolinko)
* In jdbc-pool: Unwrap InvocationTargetException if it is caught in
ResultSetProxy, like we do it elsewhere. (kkolinko)
* When building jdbc-pool from within Tomcat, use Tomcat's output
directory location. This allows to move all build output away from the
source tree. (kkolinko)


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