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[installer 2938] Python-3.2.2

Python-3.2.2 出ています。

☆ Python-3.2.2

What's New in Python 3.2.2?


*Release date: 03-Sep-2011*

Core and Builtins

- Issue #12326: sys.platform is now always 'linux2' on Linux, even if Python
is compiled on Linux 3.

- Accept bytes for the AST string type. This is temporary until a proper fix in


- Issue #10946: The distutils commands bdist_dumb, bdist_wininst and bdist_msi
now respect a --skip-build option given to bdist.

- Issue #12839: Fix crash in zlib module due to version mismatch.
Fix by Richard M. Tew.

Extension Modules

- Issue #9651: Fix a crash when ctypes.create_string_buffer(0) was passed to
some functions like file.write().

What's New in Python 3.2.2 release candidate 1?

*Release date: 14-Aug-2011*

Core and Builtins

- Issue #12732: In narrow unicode builds, allow Unicode identifiers which fall
outside the BMP.

- Issue #11603: Fix a crash when __str__ is rebound as __repr__. Patch by
Andreas Stテシhrk.

- Issue #11321: Fix a crash with multiple imports of the _pickle module when
embedding Python. Patch by Andreas Stテシhrk.

- Verify the types of AST strings and identifiers provided by the user before
compiling them.

- Issue #12579: str.format_map() now raises a ValueError if used on a
format string that contains positional fields. Initial patch by
Julian Berman.

- Issue #11627: Fix segfault when __new__ on a exception returns a
non-exception class.

- Issue #12149: Update the method cache after a type's dictionnary gets
cleared by the garbage collector. This fixes a segfault when an instance
and its type get caught in a reference cycle, and the instance's
deallocator calls one of the methods on the type (e.g. when subclassing
IOBase). Diagnosis and patch by Davide Rizzo.

- When a generator yields, do not retain the caller's exception state on the

- Issue #12475: Prevent generators from leaking their exception state into the
caller's frame as they return for the last time.


- Issue #11513: Fix exception handling ``tarfile.TarFile.gzopen()`` when
the file cannot be opened.

- Issue #12687: Fix a possible buffering bug when unpickling text mode
(protocol 0, mostly) pickles.

- Issue #10087: Fix the html output format of the calendar module.

- Issue #12540: Prevent zombie IDLE processes on Windows due to changes
in os.kill().

- Issue #12683: urlparse updated to include svn as schemes that uses relative
paths. (svn from 1.5 onwards support relative path).

- Issues #11104, #8688: Fix the behavior of distutils' sdist command with
manually-maintained MANIFEST files.

- Issue #12464: tempfile.TemporaryDirectory.cleanup() should not follow
symlinks: fix it. Patch by Petri Lehtinen.

- Issue #8887: "pydoc somebuiltin.somemethod" (or help('somebuiltin.somemethod')
in Python code) now finds the doc of the method.

- Issue #12603: Fix pydoc.synopsis() on files with non-negative st_mtime.

- Issue #12514: Use try/finally to assure the timeit module restores garbage
collections when it is done.

- Issue #12607: In subprocess, fix issue where if stdin, stdout or stderr is
given as a low fd, it gets overwritten.

- Issue #12590: IDLE editor window now always displays the first line
when opening a long file. With Tk 8.5, the first line was hidden.

- Issue #12576: Fix urlopen behavior on sites which do not send (or obfuscates)
Connection:close header.

- Issue #1813: Fix codec lookup under Turkish locales.

- Issue #12591: Improve support of "universal newlines" in the subprocess
module: the piped streams can now be properly read from or written to.

- Issue #12591: Allow io.TextIOWrapper to work with raw IO objects (without
a read1() method), and add an undocumented *write_through* parameter to
mandate unbuffered writes.

- Issue #9611, #9015: FileIO.read() clamps the length to INT_MAX on Windows.

- Issue #10883: Fix socket leaks in urllib.request when using FTP.

- Issue #12571: Add a plat-linux3 directory mirroring the plat-linux2
directory, so that "import DLFCN" and other similar imports work on
Linux 3.0.

- Issue #7484: smtplib no longer puts <> around addresses in VRFY and EXPN
commands; they aren't required and in fact postfix doesn't support that form.

- Close the call queue in concurrent.futures.ProcessPoolExecutor when
shutdown() is called, without waiting for the garbage collector to kick in.

- Issue #12502: asyncore: fix polling loop with AF_UNIX sockets.

- Issue #4376: ctypes now supports nested structures with an endianness
different than that of the parent structure. Patch by Vlad Riscutia.

- Raise ValueError when attempting to set the _CHUNK_SIZE attribute of a
TextIOWrapper to a huge value, not TypeError.

- Issue #12493: subprocess: Popen.communicate() now also handles EINTR errors
if the process has only one pipe.

- Issue #12451: pydoc: html_getfile() now uses tokenize.open() to support
Python modules using a encoding different than UTF-8 (reading the coding
cookie of the module).

- Issue #12451: pydoc: importfile() now opens the Python module in binary mode,
instead of text mode using the locale encoding, to avoid encoding issues.

- Issue #12451: runpy: run_path() now opens the Python module in binary mode,
instead of text mode using the locale encoding, to support other encodings
than UTF-8 (modules using the coding cookie).

- Issue #12451: xml.dom.pulldom: parse() now opens files in binary mode instead
of the text mode (using the locale encoding) to avoid encoding issues.

Extension Modules

- Issue #10309: Define _GNU_SOURCE so that mremap() gets the proper
signature. Without this, architectures where sizeof void* != sizeof int are
broken. Patch given by Hallvard B Furuseth.



- Issue #12560: Build libpython.so on OpenBSD. Patch by Stefan Sperling.

- Issue #12592: Make Python build on OpenBSD 5 (and future major releases).

- Issue #12372: POSIX semaphores are broken on AIX: don't use them.


- Issue #10639: reindent.py no longer converts newlines and will raise
an error if attempting to convert a file with mixed newlines.


- Issue #12331: The test suite for lib2to3 can now run from an installed

- Issue #12626: In regrtest, allow to filter tests using a glob filter
with the ``-m`` (or ``--match``) option. This works with all test cases
using the unittest module. This is useful with long test suites
such as test_io or test_subprocess.

- Issue #12624: It is now possible to fail after the first failure when
running in verbose mode (``-v`` or ``-W``), by using the ``--failfast``
(or ``-G``) option to regrtest. This is useful with long test suites
such as test_io or test_subprocess.

- Issue #12587: Correct faulty test file and reference in test_tokenize.
(Patch by Robert Xiao)

- Try harder to reap dangling threads in test.support.reap_threads().

- Issue #12573: Add resource checks for dangling Thread and Process objects.

- Issue #12549: Correct test_platform to not fail when OS X returns 'x86_64'
as the processor type on some Mac systems.

- Avoid failing in test_robotparser when mueblesmoraleda.com is flaky and
an overzealous DNS service (e.g. OpenDNS) redirects to a placeholder
Web site.

- Issue #12440: When testing whether some bits in SSLContext.options can be
reset, check the version of the OpenSSL headers Python was compiled against,
rather than the runtime version of the OpenSSL library.

- Issue #12497: Install test/data to prevent failures of the various codecmaps

- Issue #12496: Install test/capath directory to prevent test_connect_capath
testcase failure in test_ssl.

- Issue #12469: Run "wakeup" signal tests in subprocess to run the test in a
fresh process with only one thread and to not change signal handling of the
parent process.

- Issue #8716: Avoid crashes caused by Aqua Tk on OSX when attempting to run
test_tk or test_ttk_guionly under a username that is not currently logged
in to the console windowserver (as may be the case under buildbot or ssh).


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