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What's New in Python 3.2.1?


*Release date: 10-Jul-2011*


- Issue #12467: warnings: fix a race condition if a warning is emitted at
shutdown, if globals()['__file__'] is None.


- Skip network tests when getaddrinfo() returns EAI_AGAIN, meaning a temporary
failure in name resolution.

- Avoid failing in test_urllibnet.test_bad_address when some overzealous
DNS service (e.g. OpenDNS) resolves a non-existent domain name. The test
is now skipped instead.

What's New in Python 3.2.1 release candidate 2?

*Release date: 03-Jul-2011*

Core and Builtins

- Issue #12291: You can now load multiple marshalled objects from a stream, with
other data interleaved between marshalled objects.

- Issue #12084: os.stat on Windows now works properly with relative symbolic
links when called from any directory.

- Issue #1195: my_fgets() now always clears errors before calling fgets(). Fix
the following case: sys.stdin.read() stopped with CTRL+d (end of file),
raw_input() interrupted by CTRL+c.

- Issue #9670: Increase the default stack size for secondary threads on Mac OS X
and FreeBSD to reduce the chances of a crash instead of a "maximum recursion
depth" RuntimeError exception (patch by Ronald Oussoren).


- Issue #12147: Adjust the new-in-3.2 smtplib.send_message method for better
conformance to the RFCs: correctly handle Sender and Resent headers.

- Issue #12352: Fix a deadlock in multiprocessing.Heap when a block is freed by
the garbage collector while the Heap lock is held.

- Issue #12451: The XInclude default loader of xml.etree now decodes files from
UTF-8 instead of the locale encoding if the encoding is not specified. It now
also opens XML files for the parser in binary mode instead of the text mode to
avoid encoding issues.

- Issue #12451: doctest.debug_script() doesn't create a temporary file anymore
to avoid encoding issues.

- Issue #12451: pydoc.synopsis() now reads the encoding cookie if available, to
read the Python script from the right encoding.

- Issue #12451: distutils now opens the setup script in binary mode to read the
encoding cookie, instead of opening it in UTF-8.

- Issue #9516: On Mac OS X, change Distutils to no longer globally attempt to
check or set the MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET environment variable for the
interpreter process. This could cause failures in non-Distutils subprocesses
and was unreliable since tests or user programs could modify the interpreter
environment after Distutils set it. Instead, have Distutils set the the
deployment target only in the environment of each build subprocess. It is
still possible to globally override the default by setting
MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET before launching the interpreter; its value must be
greater or equal to the default value, the value with which the interpreter
was built.

- Issue #12404: Remove C89 incompatible code from mmap module. Patch by Akira

- Issue #12383: Fix subprocess module with env={}: don't copy the environment
variables, start with an empty environment.

- Issue #11584: email.header.decode_header no longer fails if the header passed
to it is a Header object, and Header/make_header no longer fail if given
binary unknown-8bit input.

- Issue #11700: mailbox proxy object close methods can now be called multiple
times without error.

- Issue #11767: Correct file descriptor leak in mailbox's __getitem__ method.

- Issue #12133: AbstractHTTPHandler.do_open() of urllib.request closes the HTTP
connection if its getresponse() method fails with a socket error. Patch
written by Ezio Melotti.

- Issue #9284: Allow inspect.findsource() to find the source of doctest

- Issue #12009: Fixed regression in netrc file comment handling.

- Issue #10694: zipfile now ignores garbage at the end of a zipfile.

- Issue #12283: Fixed regression in smtplib quoting of leading dots in DATA.

- Issue #12168: SysLogHandler now allows NUL termination to be controlled using
a new 'append_nul' attribute on the handler.

- Issue #11583: Speed up os.path.isdir on Windows by using GetFileAttributes
instead of os.stat.

- Named tuples now work correctly with vars().

- Issue #12085: Fix an attribute error in subprocess.Popen destructor if the
constructor has failed, e.g. because of an undeclared keyword argument. Patch
written by Oleg Oshmyan.

- Issue #985064: Make plistlib more resilient to faulty input plists. Patch by
Mher Movsisyan.

- Issue #12175: RawIOBase.readall() now returns None if read() returns None.

- Issue #12175: FileIO.readall() now raises a ValueError instead of an IOError
if the file is closed.

- Issue #12070: Fix the Makefile parser of the sysconfig module to handle
correctly references to "bogus variable" (e.g. "prefix=$/opt/python").

- Issue #12100: Don't reset incremental encoders of CJK codecs at each call to
their encode() method anymore, but continue to call the reset() method if the
final argument is True.

- Issue #5715: In socketserver, close the server socket in the child process.

- Correct lookup of __dir__ on objects. Among other things, this causes errors
besides AttributeError found on lookup to be propagated.

- Issue #12124: zipimport doesn't keep a reference to zlib.decompress() anymore
to be able to unload the module.

- Issue #12065: connect_ex() on an SSL socket now returns the original errno
when the socket's timeout expires (it used to return None).

Extension Modules

- Issue #12221: Replace pyexpat.__version__ with the Python version.


- Issue #8746: Correct faulty configure checks so that os.chflags() and
os.lchflags() are once again built on systems that support these functions
(*BSD and OS X). Also add new stat file flags for OS X (UF_HIDDEN and

- Issue #11217: For 64-bit/32-bit Mac OS X universal framework builds, ensure
"make install" creates symlinks in --prefix bin for the "-32" files in the
framework bin directory like the installer does.


- Issue #12407: Explicitly skip test_capi.EmbeddingTest under Windows.

- Issue #12400: regrtest -W doesn't rerun the tests twice anymore, but captures
the output and displays it on failure instead. regrtest -v doesn't print the
error twice anymore if there is only one error.

- Issue #12141: Install a copy of template C module file so that test_build_ext
of test_distutils is no longer silently skipped when run outside of a build

- Issue #8746: Add additional tests for os.chflags() and os.lchflags(). Patch
by Garrett Cooper.

- Issue #10736: Fix test_ttk test_widgets failures with Cocoa Tk 8.5.9 on Mac
OS X. (Patch by Ronald Oussoren)

- Issue #12057: Add tests for ISO 2022 codecs (iso2022_jp, iso2022_jp_2,

What's New in Python 3.2.1 release candidate 1?

*Release date: 15-May-2011*

Core and Builtins

- Issue #12060: Use sig_atomic_t type and volatile keyword in the signal
module. Patch written by Charles-Franテァois Natali.

- Issue #12044: Fixed subprocess.Popen when used as a context manager to
wait for the process to end when exiting the context to avoid unintentionally
leaving zombie processes around.

- Issue #1195: Fix input() if it is interrupted by CTRL+d and then CTRL+c,
clear the end-of-file indicator after CTRL+d.


- Issue #11088: don't crash when using F5 to run a script in IDLE on MacOSX
with Tk 8.5.

- Issue #9516: Issue #9516: avoid errors in sysconfig when MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET
is set in shell.

- Issue #12012: ssl.PROTOCOL_SSLv2 becomes optional.

- Issue #8650: Make zlib module 64-bit clean. compress(), decompress() and
their incremental counterparts now raise OverflowError if given an input
larger than 4GB, instead of silently truncating the input and returning
an incorrect result.

- Issue #12050: zlib.decompressobj().decompress() now clears the unconsumed_tail
attribute when called without a max_length argument.

- Issue #12062: Fix a flushing bug when doing a certain type of I/O sequence
on a file opened in read+write mode (namely: reading, seeking a bit forward,
writing, then seeking before the previous write but still within buffered
data, and writing again).

- Issue #1028: Tk returns invalid Unicode null in %A: UnicodeDecodeError.
With Tk < 8.5 _tkinter.c:PythonCmd() raised UnicodeDecodeError, caused
IDLE to exit. Converted to valid Unicode null in PythonCmd().

- Issue #11169: compileall module uses repr() to format filenames and paths to
escape surrogate characters and show spaces.

- Issue #10419, #6011: build_scripts command of distutils handles correctly
non-ASCII path (path to the Python executable). Open and write the script in
binary mode, but ensure that the shebang is decodable from UTF-8 and from the
encoding of the script.

- Issue #8498: In socket.accept(), allow to specify 0 as a backlog value in
order to accept exactly one connection. Patch by Daniel Evers.

- Issue #11164: Stop trying to use _xmlplus in the xml module.


- Issue #11347: Use --no-as-needed when linking libpython3.so.


- Issue #11996: libpython (gdb), replace "py-bt" command by "py-bt-full" and
add a smarter "py-bt" command printing a classic Python traceback.


- Issue #12096: Fix a race condition in test_threading.test_waitfor(). Patch
written by Charles-Franテァois Natali.

- Issue #11614: import __hello__ prints "Hello World!". Patch written by
Andreas Stテシhrk.

- Issue #5723: Improve json tests to be executed with and without accelerations.

- Issue #11910: Fix test_heapq to skip the C tests when _heapq is missing.

What's New in Python 3.2.1 beta 1?

*Release date: 08-May-2011*

Core and Builtins

- Issue #1856: Avoid crashes and lockups when daemon threads run while the
interpreter is shutting down; instead, these threads are now killed when they
try to take the GIL.

- Issue #9756: When calling a method descriptor or a slot wrapper descriptor,
the check of the object type doesn't read the __class__ attribute anymore.
Fix a crash if a class override its __class__ attribute (e.g. a proxy of the
str type). Patch written by Andreas Stテシhrk.

- Issue #10914: Initialize correctly the filesystem codec when creating a new
subinterpreter to fix a bootstrap issue with codecs implemented in Python, as
the ISO-8859-15 codec.

- Issue #10517: After fork(), reinitialize the TLS used by the PyGILState_*
APIs, to avoid a crash with the pthread implementation in RHEL 5. Patch by
Charles-Franテァois Natali.

- Issue #6780: fix starts/endswith error message to mention that tuples are
accepted too.

- Issue #5057: fix a bug in the peepholer that led to non-portable pyc files
between narrow and wide builds while optimizing BINARY_SUBSCR on non-BMP chars
(e.g. "\U00012345"[0]).

- Issue #11845: Fix typo in rangeobject.c that caused a crash in
compute_slice_indices. Patch by Daniel Urban.

- Issue #11650: PyOS_StdioReadline() retries fgets() if it was interrupted
(EINTR), for example if the program is stopped with CTRL+z on Mac OS X. Patch
written by Charles-Francois Natali.

- Issue #11395: io.FileIO().write() clamps the data length to 32,767 bytes on
Windows if the file is a TTY to workaround a Windows bug. The Windows console
returns an error (12: not enough space error) on writing into stdout if stdout
mode is binary and the length is greater than 66,000 bytes (or less, depending
on heap usage).

- Issue #11320: fix bogus memory management in Modules/getpath.c, leading to a
possible crash when calling Py_SetPath().

- Issue #11510: Fixed optimizer bug which turned "a,b={1,1}" into "a,b=(1,1)".

- Issue #11432: A bug was introduced in subprocess.Popen on posix systems with
3.2.0 where the stdout or stderr file descriptor being the same as the stdin
file descriptor would raise an exception. webbrowser.open would fail. fixed.

- Issue #11450: Don't truncate hg version info in Py_GetBuildInfo() when there
are many tags (e.g. when using mq). Patch by Nadeem Vawda.

- Issue #11246: Fix PyUnicode_FromFormat("%V") to decode the byte string from
UTF-8 (with replace error handler) instead of ISO-8859-1 (in strict mode).
Patch written by Ray Allen.

- Issue #11286: Raise a ValueError from calling PyMemoryView_FromBuffer with a
buffer struct having a NULL data pointer.

- Issue #11272: On Windows, input() strips '\r' (and not only '\n'), and
sys.stdin uses universal newline (replace '\r\n' by '\n').

- issue #11828: startswith and endswith don't accept None as slice index. Patch
by Torsten Becker.

- Issue #10830: Fix PyUnicode_FromFormatV("%c") for non-BMP characters on
narrow build.

- Check for NULL result in PyType_FromSpec.

- Issue #11386: bytearray.pop() now throws IndexError when the bytearray is
empty, instead of OverflowError.


- Issue #11927: SMTP_SSL now uses port 465 by default as documented. Patch by
Kasun Herath.

- Issue #12002: ftplib's abort() method raises TypeError.

- Issue #11999: fixed sporadic sync failure mailbox.Maildir due to its trying to
detect mtime changes by comparing to the system clock instead of to the
previous value of the mtime.

- ntpath.samefile failed to notice that "a.txt" and "A.TXT" refer to the same
file on Windows XP. As noticed in issue #10684.

- Issue #12000: When a SSL certificate has a subjectAltName without any dNSName
entry, ssl.match_hostname() should use the subject's commonName. Patch by
Nicolas Bareil.

- Issue #11647: objects created using contextlib.contextmanager now support more
than one call to the function when used as a decorator. Initial patch by Ysj

- logging: don't define QueueListener if Python has no thread support.

- functools.cmp_to_key() now works with collections.Hashable().

- Issue #11277: mmap.mmap() calls fcntl(fd, F_FULLFSYNC) on Mac OS X to get
around a mmap bug with sparse files. Patch written by Steffen Daode Nurpmeso.

- Issue #11858: configparser.ExtendedInterpolation expected lower-case section

- Issue #11324: ConfigParser(interpolation=None) now works correctly.

- Issue #11763: don't use difflib in TestCase.assertMultiLineEqual if the
strings are too long.

- Issue #11236: getpass.getpass responds to ctrl-c or ctrl-z on terminal.

- Issue #11768: The signal handler of the signal module only calls
Py_AddPendingCall() for the first signal to fix a deadlock on reentrant or
parallel calls. PyErr_SetInterrupt() writes also into the wake up file.

- Issue #11492: fix several issues with header folding in the email package.

- Issue #11852: Add missing imports and update tests.

- Issue #11875: collections.OrderedDict's __reduce__ was temporarily
mutating the object instead of just working on a copy.

- Issue #11467: Fix urlparse behavior when handling urls which contains scheme
specific part only digits. Patch by Santoso Wijaya.

- collections.Counter().copy() now works correctly for subclasses.

- Issue #11474: Fix the bug with url2pathname() handling of '/C|/' on Windows.
Patch by Santoso Wijaya.

- Issue #9233: Fix json.loads('{}') to return a dict (instead of a list), when
_json is not available.

- Issue #11830: Remove unnecessary introspection code in the decimal module.

- Issue #11703: urllib2.geturl() does not return correct url when the original
url contains #fragment.

- Issue #10019: Fixed regression in json module where an indent of 0 stopped
adding newlines and acted instead like 'None'.

- Issue #5162: Treat services like frozen executables to allow child spawning
from multiprocessing.forking on Windows.

- Issue #11814: Fix likely typo in multiprocessing.Pool._terminate().

- Issue #11747: Fix range formatting in difflib.context_diff() and

- Issue #8428: Fix a race condition in multiprocessing.Pool when terminating
worker processes: new processes would be spawned while the pool is being shut
down. Patch by Charles-Franテァois Natali.

- Issue #7311: fix html.parser to accept non-ASCII attribute values.

- Issue #11605: email.parser.BytesFeedParser was incorrectly converting
multipart subparts with an 8-bit CTE into unicode instead of preserving the

- Issue #10963: Ensure that subprocess.communicate() never raises EPIPE.

- Issue #11746: Fix SSLContext.load_cert_chain() to accept elliptic curve
private keys.

- sys.getfilesystemencoding() raises a RuntimeError if initfsencoding() was not
called yet: detect bootstrap (startup) issues earlier.

- Issue #11618: Fix the timeout logic in threading.Lock.acquire() under Windows.

- Issue #11256: Fix inspect.getcallargs on functions that take only keyword

- Issue #11696: Fix ID generation in msilib.

- Issue #9696: Fix exception incorrectly raised by xdrlib.Packer.pack_int when
trying to pack a negative (in-range) integer.

- Issue #11675: multiprocessing.[Raw]Array objects created from an integer size
are now zeroed on creation. This matches the behaviour specified by the

- Issue #7639: Fix short file name generation in bdist_msi

- Issue #11659: Fix ResourceWarning in test_subprocess introduced by #11459.
Patch by Ben Hayden.

- Issue #11635: Don't use polling in worker threads and processes launched by

- Issue #11628: cmp_to_key generated class should use __slots__

- Issue #11666: let help() display named tuple attributes and methods
that start with a leading underscore.

- Issue #11662: Make urllib and urllib2 ignore redirections if the
scheme is not HTTP, HTTPS or FTP (CVE-2011-1521).

- Issue #5537: Fix time2isoz() and time2netscape() functions of
httplib.cookiejar for expiration year greater than 2038 on 32-bit systems.

- Issue #11563: Connection:close header is sent by requests using URLOpener
class which helps in closing of sockets after connection is over. Patch
contributions by Jeff McNeil and Nadeem Vawda.

- Issue #11459: A ``bufsize`` value of 0 in subprocess.Popen() really creates
unbuffered pipes, such that select() works properly on them.

- Issue #5421: Fix misleading error message when one of socket.sendto()'s
arguments has the wrong type. Patch by Nikita Vetoshkin.

- Issue #10979: unittest stdout buffering now works with class and module
setup and teardown.

- Issue #11577: fix ResourceWarning triggered by improved binhex test coverage

- Issue #11243: fix the parameter querying methods of Message to work if
the headers contain un-encoded non-ASCII data.

- Issue #11401: fix handling of headers with no value; this fixes a regression
relative to Python2 and the result is now the same as it was in Python2.

- Issue #9298: base64 bodies weren't being folded to line lengths less than 78,
which was a regression relative to Python2. Unlike Python2, the last line of
the folded body now ends with a carriage return.

- Issue #11560: shutil.unpack_archive now correctly handles the format
parameter. Patch by Evan Dandrea.

- Issue #11133: fix two cases where inspect.getattr_static can trigger code
execution. Patch by Andreas Stテシhrk.

- Issue #11569: use absolute path to the sysctl command in multiprocessing to
ensure that it will be found regardless of the shell PATH. This ensures that
multiprocessing.cpu_count works on default installs of MacOSX.

- Issue #11501: disutils.archive_utils.make_zipfile no longer fails if zlib is
not installed. Instead, the zipfile.ZIP_STORED compression is used to create
the ZipFile. Patch by Natalia B. Bidart.

- Issue #11554: Fixed support for Japanese codecs; previously the body output
encoding was not done if euc-jp or shift-jis was specified as the charset.

- Issue #11500: Fixed a bug in the os x proxy bypass code for fully qualified IP
addresses in the proxy exception list.

- Issue #11491: dbm.error is no longer raised when dbm.open is called with the
"n" as the flag argument and the file exists. The behavior matches the
documentation and general logic.

- Issue #11131: Fix sign of zero in decimal.Decimal plus and minus operations
when the rounding mode is ROUND_FLOOR.

- Issue #5622: Fix curses.wrapper to raise correct exception if curses
initialization fails.

- Issue #11391: Writing to a mmap object created with
``mmap.PROT_READ|mmap.PROT_EXEC`` would segfault instead of raising a
TypeError. Patch by Charles-Franテァois Natali.

- Issue #11306: mailbox in certain cases adapts to an inability to open certain
files in read-write mode. Previously it detected this by checking for EACCES,
now it also checks for EROFS.

- Issue #11265: asyncore now correctly handles EPIPE, EBADF and EAGAIN errors on
accept(), send() and recv().

- Issue #11326: Add the missing connect_ex() implementation for SSL sockets,
and make it work for non-blocking connects.

- Issue #7322: Trying to read from a socket's file-like object after a timeout
occurred now raises an error instead of silently losing data.

- Issue #10956: Buffered I/O classes retry reading or writing after a signal
has arrived and the handler returned successfully.

- Issue #11224: Fixed a regression in tarfile that affected the file-like
objects returned by TarFile.extractfile() regarding performance, memory
consumption and failures with the stream interface.

- Issue #11074: Make 'tokenize' so it can be reloaded.

- Issue #4681: Allow mmap() to work on file sizes and offsets larger than
4GB, even on 32-bit builds. Initial patch by Ross Lagerwall, adapted for
32-bit Windows.

- Issue #11089: Fix performance issue limiting the use of ConfigParser()
with large config files.

- Issue #10276: Fix the results of zlib.crc32() and zlib.adler32() on buffers
larger than 4GB. Patch by Nadeem Vawda.

- Issue #9348: Raise an early error if argparse nargs and metavar don't match.

- Issue #8982: Improve the documentation for the argparse Namespace object.

- Issue #9343: Document that argparse parent parsers must be configured before
their children.

- Issue #9026: Fix order of argparse sub-commands in help messages.

- Issue #9347: Fix formatting for tuples in argparse type= error messages.


- Issue #11411: Fix 'make DESTDIR=' with a relative destination.

- Issue #11268: Prevent Mac OS X Installer failure if Documentation package had
previously been installed.


- Issue #11718: IDLE's open module dialog couldn't find the __init__.py file in
a package.


- Issue #11179: Make ccbench work under Python 3.1 and 2.7 again.

Extension Modules

- Issue #12051: Fix segfault in json.dumps() while encoding highly-nested
objects using the C accelerations.

- Issue #12017: Fix segfault in json.loads() while decoding highly-nested
objects using the C accelerations.

- Issue #1838: Prevent segfault in ctypes, when _as_parameter_ on a class is set
to an instance of the class.


- Issue #11873: Change regex in test_compileall to fix occasional failures when
when the randomly generated temporary path happened to match the regex.

- Issue #10914: Add a minimal embedding test to test_capi.

- Issue #11790: Fix sporadic failures in

- Fix possible "file already exists" error when running the tests in parallel.

- Issue #11719: Fix message about unexpected test_msilib skip on non-Windows
platforms. Patch by Nadeem Vawda.

- Issue #11653: fix -W with -j in regrtest.

- Issue #11577: improve test coverage of binhex.py. Patch by Arkady Koplyarov.

- Issue #11578: added test for the timeit module. Patch by Michael Henry.

- Issue #11503: improve test coverage of posixpath.py. Patch by Evan Dandrea.

- Issue #11505: improves test coverage of string.py. Patch by Alicia

- Issue #11548: Improve test coverage of the shutil module. Patch by
Evan Dandrea.

- Issue #11554: Reactivated test_email_codecs.

- Issue #11490: test_subprocess:test_leaking_fds_on_error no longer gives a
false positive if the last directory in the path is inaccessible.

- Issue #11223: Fix test_threadsignals to fail, not hang, when the
non-semaphore implementation of locks is used under POSIX.

- Issue #10911: Add tests on CGI with non-ASCII characters. Patch written by
Pierre Quentel.

- Issue #9931: Fix hangs in GUI tests under Windows in certain conditions.
Patch by Hirokazu Yamamoto.

- Issue #10826: Prevent sporadic failure in test_subprocess on Solaris due
to open door files.


- Issue #11818: Fix tempfile examples for Python 3.


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