[installer 2700] Python-3.1.3

Python-3.1.3 も出ていました。

☆ Python-3.1.3

What's New in Python 3.1.3?


*Release date: 2010-11-27*

Core and Builtins

- Issue #10391: Don't dereference invalid memory in error messages in the ast


- Issue #10459: Update CJK character names to Unicode 5.1.

- Issue #10092: Properly reset locale in calendar.Locale*Calendar classes.

- Issue #6098: Don't claim DOM level 3 conformance in minidom.

- Issue #5762: Fix AttributeError raised by ``xml.dom.minidom`` when an empty
XML namespace attribute is encountered.

- Issue #1710703: Write structures for an empty ZIP archive when a ZipFile is
created in modes 'a' or 'w' and then closed without adding any files. Raise
BadZipfile (rather than IOError) when opening small non-ZIP files.

- Issue #4493: urllib.request adds '/' in front of path components which does not
start with '/. Common behavior exhibited by browsers and other clients.

- Issue #6378: idle.bat now runs with the appropriate Python version rather than
the system default. Patch by Sridhar Ratnakumar.

- Issue #10407: Fix two NameErrors in distutils.

- Issue #10198: fix duplicate header written to wave files when writeframes()
is called without data.

- Issue #10467: Fix BytesIO.readinto() after seeking into a position after the
end of the file.

- Issue #1682942: configparser supports alternative option/value delimiters.


- Backport r83399 to allow test_distutils to pass on installed versions.

- Issue #1303434: Generate ZIP file containing all PDBs (already done for rc1).

- Stop packaging versioncheck tool (already done for rc1).

- Accept Oracle Berkeley DB 4.8, 5.0 and 5.1 as backend for the dbm extension.


- Issue #9424: Replace deprecated assert* methods in the Python test suite.


- Issue #10299: List the built-in functions in a table in functions.rst.

What's New in Python 3.1.3 release candidate 1?

*Release date: 2010-11-13*

Core and Builtins

- Issue #10221: dict.pop(k) now has a key error message that includes the
missing key (same message d[k] returns for missing keys).

- Issue #5437: A preallocated MemoryError instance should not hold traceback
data (including local variables caught in the stack trace) alive infinitely.

- Issue #10077: Fix logging of site module errors at startup.

- Issue #10186: Fix the SyntaxError caret when the offset is equal to the length
of the offending line.

- Issue #9713, #10114: Parser functions (eg. PyParser_ASTFromFile) expects
filenames encoded to the filesystem encoding with surrogateescape error
handler (to support undecodable bytes), instead of UTF-8 in strict mode.

- Issue #10006: type.__abstractmethods__ now raises an AttributeError. As a
result metaclasses can now be ABCs (see #9533).

- Issue #9997: Don't let the name "top" have special significance in scope

- Issue #9930: Remove bogus subtype check that was causing (e.g.)
float.__rdiv__(2.0, 3) to return NotImplemented instead of the
expected 1.5.

- Issue #9804: ascii() now always represents unicode surrogate pairs as
a single ``\UXXXXXXXX``, regardless of whether the character is printable
or not. Also, the "backslashreplace" error handler now joins surrogate
pairs into a single character on UCS-2 builds.

- Issue #9797: pystate.c wrongly assumed that zero couldn't be a valid
thread-local storage key.

- Issue #9737: Fix a crash when trying to delete a slice or an item from
a memoryview object.

- Issue #7415: PyUnicode_FromEncodedObject() now uses the new buffer API
properly. Patch by Stefan Behnel.

- Restore GIL in nis_cat in case of error.

- Issue #9712: Fix tokenize on identifiers that start with non-ascii names.

- Issue #9688: __basicsize__ and __itemsize__ must be accessed as Py_ssize_t.

- Issue #5319: Print an error if flushing stdout fails at interpreter

- Issue #8814: function annotations (the ``__annotations__`` attribute)
are now included in the set of attributes copied by default by
functools.wraps and functools.update_wrapper. Patch by Terrence Cole.

- Issue #83755: Implicit set-to-frozenset conversion was not thread-safe.

- Issue #10068: Global objects which have reference cycles with their module's
dict are now cleared again. This causes issue #7140 to appear again.

- Issue #9416: Fix some issues with complex formatting where the
output with no type specifier failed to match the str output:

- format(complex(-0.0, 2.0), '-') omitted the real part from the output,
- format(complex(0.0, 2.0), '-') included a sign and parentheses.

- Issue #7616: Fix copying of overlapping memoryview slices with the Intel

- Issue #8271: during the decoding of an invalid UTF-8 byte sequence, only the
start byte and the continuation byte(s) are now considered invalid, instead
of the number of bytes specified by the start byte.
E.g.: '\xf1\x80AB'.decode('utf-8', 'replace') now returns u'\ufffdAB' and
replaces with U+FFFD only the start byte ('\xf1') and the continuation byte
('\x80') even if '\xf1' is the start byte of a 4-bytes sequence.
Previous versions returned a single u'\ufffd'.

- Issue #6543: Write the traceback in the terminal encoding instead of utf-8.
Fix the encoding of the modules filename. Patch written by Amaury Forgeot

- Issue #9058: Remove assertions about INT_MAX in UnicodeDecodeError.

- Issue #8941: decoding big endian UTF-32 data in UCS-2 builds could crash
the interpreter with characters outside the Basic Multilingual Plane
(higher than 0x10000).

- In the str.format(), raise a ValueError when indexes to arguments are too

- Issue #8766: Initialize _warnings module before importing the first module.
Fix a crash if an empty directory called "encodings" exists in sys.path.

- PyObject_Dump() encodes unicode objects to utf8 with backslashreplace
(instead of strict) error handler to escape surrogates

- Issue #8124: PySys_WriteStdout() and PySys_WriteStderr() don't execute
indirectly Python signal handlers anymore because mywrite() ignores
exceptions (KeyboardInterrupt)

- Issue #8092: Fix PyUnicode_EncodeUTF8() to support error handler producing
unicode string (eg. backslashreplace)

- Issue #8014: Setting a T_UINT or T_PYSSIZET attribute of an object with
PyMemberDefs could produce an internal error; raise TypeError instead.

- Issue #8417: Raise an OverflowError when an integer larger than sys.maxsize is
passed to bytes or bytearray.

- Issue #8329: Don't return the same lists from select.select when no fds are

- Raise a TypeError when trying to delete a T_STRING_INPLACE struct member.

- Issue #8226: sys.setfilesystemencoding() raises a LookupError if the encoding
is unknown

- Issue #1583863: An str subclass can now override the __str__ method

- Issue #7072: isspace(0xa0) is true on Mac OS X


- Issue #9834: Don't segfault in PySequence_GetSlice, PySequence_SetSlice, or
PySequence_DelSlice when the object doesn't have any mapping operations

- Issue #5753: A new C API function, :cfunc:`PySys_SetArgvEx`, allows
embedders of the interpreter to set sys.argv without also modifying
sys.path. This helps fix `CVE-2008-5983
< http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2008-5983>;`_.


- Issue #5111: IPv6 Host in the Header is wrapped inside [ ]. Patch by Chandru.

- Issue #4471: Properly shutdown socket in IMAP.shutdown(). Patch by
Lorenzo M. Catucci.

- Fix IMAP.login() to work properly.

- Issue #10126: Fix distutils' test_build when Python was built with

- Fix typo in one sdist option (medata-check).

- Issue #9199: Fix incorrect use of distutils.cmd.Command.announce.

- Issue #1718574: Fix options that were supposed to accept arguments but did
not in build_clib.

- Issue #9281: Prevent race condition with mkdir in distutils. Patch by

- Issue #10229: Fix caching error in gettext.

- Issue #10252: Close file objects in a timely manner in distutils code and
tests. Patch by Brian Brazil, completed by ric Araujo.

- Issue #10311: The signal module now restores errno before returning from
its low-level signal handler. Patch by Hallvard B Furuseth.

- The keyword only restriction for the places argument in
unittest.TestCase.assert[Not]AlmostEqual methods has been removed.

- Issue 6706: asyncore accept() method no longer raises EWOULDBLOCK/ECONNABORTED
on incomplete connection attempt but returns None instead.

- Issue #10266: uu.decode didn't close in_file explicitly when it was given
as a filename. Patch by Brian Brazil.

- Issue #10246: uu.encode didn't close file objects explicitly when filenames
were given to it. Patch by Brian Brazil.

- Issue #10253: FileIO leaks a file descriptor when trying to open a file
for append that isn't seekable. Patch by Brian Brazil.

- Issue #5027: The standard ``xml`` namespace is now understood by
xml.sax.saxutils.XMLGenerator as being bound to
http://www.w3.org/XML/1998/namespace. Patch by Troy J. Farrell.

- #7761: telnetlib.interact failures on Windows fixed.

- Issue #5117: Case normalization was needed on ntpath.relpath(). And
fixed root directory issue on posixpath.relpath(). (Ported working fixes
from ntpath)

- Issue #10041: The signature of optional arguments in socket.makefile()
didn't match that of io.open(), and they also didn't get forwarded
properly to TextIOWrapper in text mode. Patch by Kai Zhu.

- Issue #6612: Fix site and sysconfig to catch os.getcwd() error, eg. if the
current directory was deleted. Patch written by W. Trevor King.

- Issue #9759: GzipFile now raises ValueError when an operation is attempted
after the file is closed. Patch by Jeffrey Finkelstein.

- Issue #9042: Fix interaction of custom translation classes and caching in

- Issue #9065: tarfile no longer uses "root" as the default for the uname and
gname field.

- Issue #8980: Fixed a failure in distutils.command check that was shadowed
by an environment that does not have docutils. Patch by Arfrever.

- Issue #1050268: parseaddr now correctly quotes double quote and backslash
characters that appear inside quoted strings in email addresses.

- Issue #10004: quoprimime no longer generates a traceback when confronted
with invalid characters after '=' in a Q-encoded word.

- Issue #9950: Fix socket.sendall() crash or misbehaviour when a signal is
received. Now sendall() properly calls signal handlers if necessary,
and retries sending if these returned successfully, including on sockets
with a timeout.

- Issue #9936: Fixed executable lines' search in the trace module.

- Issue #9928: Properly initialize the types exported by the bz2 module.

- Issue #9854: The default read() implementation in io.RawIOBase now
handles non-blocking readinto() returning None correctly.

- Issue #9853: Fix the signature of SSLSocket.recvfrom() and
SSLSocket.sendto() to match the corresponding socket methods.

- Issue #9792: In case of connection failure, socket.create_connection()
would swallow the exception and raise a new one, making it impossible
to fetch the original errno, or to filter timeout errors. Now the
original error is re-raised.

- Issue #9826: OrderedDict.__repr__ can now handle self-referential
values: d['x'] = d.

- Issue #9758: When fcntl.ioctl() was called with mutable_flag set to True,
and the passed buffer was exactly 1024 bytes long, the buffer wouldn't
be updated back after the system call. Original patch by Brian Brazil.

- Issue #6656: fix locale.format_string to handle escaped percents
and mappings.

- Issue #1100562: Fix deep-copying of objects derived from the list and
dict types. Patch by Michele Orr and Bjrn Lindqvist.

- Issue #9753: Fixed socket.dup, which did not always work correctly
on Windows.

- Issue #1868: Eliminate subtle timing issues in thread-local objects by
getting rid of the cached copy of thread-local attribute dictionary.

- Issue #8797: urllib2 does a retry for Basic Authentication failure instead of
falling into recursion.

- Issue #1194222: email.utils.parsedate now returns RFC2822 compliant four
character years even if the message contains RFC822 two character years.

- Issue #8750: Fixed MutableSet's methods to correctly handle
reflexive operations, namely x -= x and x ^= x.

- Issue #9129: smtpd.py is vulnerable to DoS attacks deriving from missing
error handling when accepting a new connection.

- Issue #658749: asyncore's connect() method now correctly interprets winsock

- Issue #9214: Set operations on KeysView or ItemsView in the collections
module now correctly return a set. (Patch by Eli Bendersky.)

- Issue #9617: Signals received during a low-level write operation aren't
ignored by the buffered IO layer anymore.

- Issue #9605: posix.getlogin() decodes the username with file filesystem
encoding and surrogateescape error handler. Patch written by David Watson.

- Issue #9603: posix.ttyname() and posix.ctermid() decode the terminal name
using the filesystem encoding and surrogateescape error handler. Patch
written by David Watson.

- Issue #8688: MANIFEST files created by distutils now include a magic
comment indicating they are generated. Manually maintained MANIFESTs
without this marker will not be overwritten or removed.

- Issue #7467: when reading a file from a ZIP archive, its CRC is checked
and a BadZipfile error is raised if it doesn't match (as used to be the
case in Python 2.5 and earlier).

- Issue #9550: a BufferedReader could issue an additional read when the
original read request had been satisfied, which could block indefinitely
when the underlying raw IO channel was e.g. a socket. Report and original
patch by Jason V. Miller.

- Issue #6915: Under Windows, os.listdir() didn't release the Global
Interpreter Lock around all system calls. Original patch by Ryan Kelly.

- Issue #3757: thread-local objects now support cyclic garbage collection.
Thread-local objects involved in reference cycles will be deallocated
timely by the cyclic GC, even if the underlying thread is still running.

- Fix Issue8280 - urllib2's Request method will remove fragements in the url.
This is how it is supposed to work, wget and curl do the same. Previous
behavior was wrong.

- Issue #2944: asyncore doesn't handle connection refused correctly.

- Issue #3196: email header decoding is now forgiving if an RFC2047
encoded word encoded in base64 is lacking padding.

- Issue #8447: Make distutils.sysconfig follow symlinks in the path to
the interpreter executable. This fixes a failure of test_httpservers
on OS X.

- Issue #7372: Fix pstats regression when stripping paths from profile
data generated with the profile module.

- Issue #4108: In urllib.robotparser, if there are multiple 'User-agent: *'
entries, consider the first one.

- Issue #8397: Raise an error when attempting to mix iteration and regular
reads on a BZ2File object, rather than returning incorrect results.

- Issue #7909: Do not touch paths with the special prefixes ``\\.\``
or ``\\?\`` in ntpath.normpath().

- Issue #5294: Fix the behavior of pdb's "continue" command when called
in the top-level debugged frame.

- Issue #5727: Restore the ability to use readline when calling into pdb
in doctests.

- Issue #6719: In pdb, do not stop somewhere in the encodings machinery
if the source file to be debugged is in a non-builtin encoding.

- Issue #8048: Prevent doctests from failing when sys.displayhook has
been reassigned.

- Issue #8015: In pdb, do not crash when an empty line is entered as
a breakpoint command.

- Issue #5146: Handle UID THREAD command correctly in imaplib.

- Issue #5147: Fix the header generated for cookie files written by

- Issue #8198: In pydoc, output all help text to the correct stream
when sys.stdout is reassigned.

- Issue #8230: Fix Lib/test/sortperf.py.

- Issue #7395: Fix tracebacks in pstats interactive browser.

- Issue #1713: Fix os.path.ismount(), which returned true for symbolic links
across devices.

- Issue #8826: Properly load old-style "expires" attribute in http.cookies.

- Issue #1690103: Fix initial namespace for code run with trace.main().

- Issue #9354: Provide getsockopt() in asyncore's file_wrapper.

- Issue #9448: Fix a leak of OS resources (mutexes or semaphores) when
re-initializing a buffered IO object by calling its ``__init__`` method.

- Issue #8620: when a Cmd is fed input that reaches EOF without a final
newline, it no longer truncates the last character of the last command line.

- Issue #3704: http.cookiejar was not properly handling URLs with a / in the

- Issue #4629: getopt raises an error if an argument ends with = whereas getopt
doesn't except a value (eg. --help= is rejected if getopt uses ['help='] long

- Issue #7895: platform.mac_ver() no longer crashes after calling os.fork()

- Issue #9323: Fixed a bug in trace.py that resulted in loosing the
name of the script being traced. Patch by Eli Bendersky.

- Issue #9282: Fixed --listfuncs option of trace.py. Thanks Eli
Bendersky for the patch.

- Issue #1555570: email no longer inserts extra blank lines when a \r\n
combo crosses an 8192 byte boundary.

- Issue #9243: Fix sndhdr module and add unit tests, contributed by James Lee.

- Issue #9137: Fix issue in MutableMapping.update, which incorrectly
treated keyword arguments called 'self' or 'other' specially.

- Issue #7646: The fnmatch pattern cache no longer grows without bound.

- Issue #9136: Fix 'dictionary changed size during iteration'
RuntimeError produced when profiling the decimal module. This was
due to a dangerous iteration over 'locals()' in Context.__init__.

- Fix extreme speed issue in Decimal.pow when the base is an exact
power of 10 and the exponent is tiny (for example,
Decimal(10) ** Decimal('1e-999999999')).

- Issue #9130: Fix validation of relative imports in parser module.

- Issue #9128: Fix validation of class decorators in parser module.

- Issue #5468: urlencode to handle bytes type and other encodings in its query
parameter. Patch by Dan Mahn.

- Issue #7673: Fix security vulnerability (CVE-2010-2089) in the audioop
module, ensure that the input string length is a multiple of the frame size

- Issue #6589: cleanup asyncore.socket_map in case smtpd.SMTPServer constructor
raises an exception.

- Issue #9075: In the ssl module, remove the setting of a ``debug`` flag
on an OpenSSL structure.

- Issue #8682: The ssl module now temporary increments the reference count of
a socket object got through ``PyWeakref_GetObject``, so as to avoid possible
deallocation while the object is still being used.

- Issue #1368368: FancyURLOpener class changed to throw an Exception on wrong
password instead of presenting an interactive prompt. Older behavior can be
obtained by passing retry=True to http_error_xxx methods of FancyURLOpener.

- Issue #8203: Fix IDLE Credits dialog: view_file() uses its encoding argument.

- Issue #8720: fix regression caused by fix for #4050 by making getsourcefile
smart enough to find source files in the linecache.

- Issue #5610: feedparser no longer eats extra characters at the end of
a body part if the body part ends with a \r\n.

- Fix codecs.escape_encode to return the correct consumed size.

- Issue #8897: Fix sunau module, use bytes to write the header. Patch written
by Thomas Jollans.

- Issue #6470: Drop UNC prefix in FixTk.

- Issue #4768: base64 encoded email body parts were incorrectly stored as
binary strings. They are now correctly converted to strings.

- Issue #8833: tarfile created hard link entries with a size field != 0 by

- Charset.body_encode now correctly handles base64 encoding by encoding
with the output_charset before calling base64mime.encode. Passes the
tests from 2.x issue #1368247.

- Issue #7150: Raise OverflowError if the result of adding or subtracting
timedelta from date or datetime falls outside of the MINYEAR:MAXYEAR range.

- Issue #4769: Fix main() function of the base64 module, use sys.stdin.buffer
and sys.stdout.buffer (instead of sys.stdin and sys.stdout) to use the bytes

- Issue #6662: Fix parsing of malformatted charref (&#bad;), patch written by
Fredrik Hrd

- Issue #6268: Fix seek() method of codecs.open(), don't read or write the BOM
twice after seek(0). Fix also reset() method of codecs, UTF-16, UTF-32 and
StreamWriter classes.

- Issue #8782: Add a trailing newline in linecache.updatecache to the last line
of files without one.

- Issue #8729: Return NotImplemented from collections.Mapping.__eq__ when
comparing to a non-mapping.

- Issue #8774: tabnanny uses the encoding cookie (#coding:...) to use the
correct encoding

- Issue #7507: Quote "!" in pipes.quote(); it is special to some shells.

- Issue #8663: distutils.log emulates backslashreplace error handler. Fix
compilation in a non-ASCII directory if stdout encoding is ASCII (eg. if
stdout is not a TTY).

- Issue #1285086: Speed up urllib.parse functions: quote, quote_from_bytes,
unquote, unquote_to_bytes.

- Issue #8688: Distutils now recalculates MANIFEST everytime.

- Issue #5099: subprocess.Popen.__del__ no longer references global objects
to prevent issues during interpreter shutdown.

- Issue #8681: Make the zlib module's error messages more informative when
the zlib itself doesn't give any detailed explanation.

- Issue #8674: Fixed a number of incorrect or undefined-behaviour-inducing
overflow checks in the audioop module.

- Issue #8571: Fix an internal error when compressing or decompressing a
chunk larger than 1GB with the zlib module's compressor and decompressor

- Issue #8573: asyncore _strerror() function might throw ValueError.

- Issue #8483: asyncore.dispatcher's __getattr__ method produced confusing
error messages when accessing undefined class attributes because of the cheap
inheritance with the underlying socket object.

- Issue #7472: Fixed typo in email.encoders module; messages using ISO-2022
character sets will now consistently use a Content-Transfer-Encoding of
7bit rather than sometimes being marked as 8bit.

- Issue #4265: shutil.copyfile() was leaking file descriptors when disk fills.
Patch by Tres Seaver.

- Issue #7755: Use an unencumbered audio file for tests.

- Issue #8621: uuid.uuid4() returned the same sequence of values in the
parent and any children created using ``os.fork`` on MacOS X 10.6.

- Issue #8567: Fix precedence of signals in Decimal module: when a
Decimal operation raises multiple signals and more than one of those
signals is trapped, the specification determines the order in which
the signals should be handled. In many cases this order wasn't
being followed, leading to the wrong Python exception being raised.

- Issue #7865: The close() method of :mod:`io` objects should not swallow
exceptions raised by the implicit flush(). Also ensure that calling
close() several times is supported. Patch by Pascal Chambon.

- Issue #4687: Fix accuracy of garbage collection runtimes displayed with

- Issue #8354: The siginterrupt setting is now preserved for all signals,
not just SIGCHLD.

- Issue #8464: tarfile no longer creates files with execute permissions set
when mode="w|" is used.

- Issue #7834: Fix connect() of Bluetooth L2CAP sockets with recent versions
of the Linux kernel. Patch by Yaniv Aknin.

- Issue #6312: Fixed http HEAD request when the transfer encoding is chunked.
It should correctly return an empty response now.

- Issue #8549: Fix compiling the _ssl extension under AIX. Patch by
Sridhar Ratnakumar.

- Issue #8391: os.execvpe() and os.getenv() supports unicode with surrogates
and bytes strings for environment keys and values, and use
sys.getfilesystemencoding() instead of sys.getdefautltencoding()

- Issue #2302: Fix a race condition in SocketServer.BaseServer.shutdown,
where the method could block indefinitely if called just before the
event loop started running. This also fixes the occasional freezes
witnessed in test_httpservers.

- Issue #8524: When creating an SSL socket, the timeout value of the
original socket wasn't retained (instead, a socket with a positive timeout
would be turned into a non-blocking SSL socket).

- Issue #5103: SSL handshake would ignore the socket timeout and block
indefinitely if the other end didn't respond.

- The do_handshake() method of SSL objects now adjusts the blocking mode of
the SSL structure if necessary (as other methods already do).

- Issue #8108: Fix the unwrap() method of SSL objects when the socket has
a non-infinite timeout. Also make that method friendlier with applications
wanting to continue using the socket in clear-text mode, by disabling
OpenSSL's internal readahead. Thanks to Darryl Miles for guidance.

- Issue #8468: bz2.BZ2File() accepts str with surrogates and bytes filenames

- Issue #8496: make mailcap.lookup() always return a list, rather than an
iterator. Patch by Gregory Nofi.

- Issue #8195: Fix a crash in sqlite Connection.create_collation() if the
collation name contains a surrogate character.

- Issue #8484: Load all ciphers and digest algorithms when initializing
the _ssl extension, such that verification of some SSL certificates
doesn't fail because of an "unknown algorithm".

- Issue #4814: timeout parameter is now applied also for connections resulting
from PORT/EPRT commands.

- Issue #3817: ftplib.FTP.abort() method now considers 225 a valid response
code as stated in RFC-959 at chapter 5.4.

- Issue #8394: _ctypes.dlopen() accepts bytes, bytearray and str with

- Issue #7606: XML-RPC traceback stored in X-traceback is now encoded to ASCII
using backslashreplace error handler

- Issue #5277: Fix quote counting when parsing RFC 2231 encoded parameters.

- Issue #8383: pickle and pickletools use surrogatepass error handler when
encoding unicode as utf8 to support lone surrogates and stay compatible with
Python 2.x and 3.0

- Issue #8179: Fix macpath.realpath() on a non-existing path.

- Issue #8139: ossaudiodev didn't initialize its types properly, therefore
some methods (such as oss_mixer_device.fileno()) were not available.
Initial patch by Bertrand Janin.

- Issue #7512: shutil.copystat() could raise an OSError when the filesystem
didn't support chflags() (for example ZFS under FreeBSD). The error is
now silenced.

- Issue #3890, #8222: Fix recv() and recv_into() on non-blocking SSL sockets.
Also, enable the SSL_MODE_AUTO_RETRY flag on SSL sockets, so that blocking
reads and writes are always retried by OpenSSL itself.

- Issue #6716/2: Backslash-replace error output in compilall.

Extension Modules

- Issue #6317: Now winsound.PlaySound can accept non ascii filename.

- Issue #9054: Fix a crash occurring when using the pyexpat module
with expat version 2.0.1.

- Issue #10003: Allow handling of SIGBREAK on Windows. Fixes a regression
introduced by issue #9324.

- Issue #8734: Avoid crash in msvcrt.get_osfhandle() when an invalid file
descriptor is provided. Patch by Pascal Chambon.

- Issue #7736: Release the GIL around calls to opendir() and closedir()
in the posix module. Patch by Marcin Bachry.

- Issue #4835: make PyLong_FromSocket_t() and PyLong_AsSocket_t() private
to the socket module, and fix the width of socket descriptors to be
correctly detected under 64-bit Windows.

- Issue #665761: ``functools.reduce()`` will no longer mask exceptions
other than ``TypeError`` raised by the iterator argument.

- Issue #9570: Use PEP 383 decoding in os.mknod and os.mkfifo.

- Issue #9324: Add parameter validation to signal.signal on Windows in order
to prevent crashes.

- Issue #9526: Remove some outdated (int) casts that were preventing
the array module from working correctly with arrays of more than
2**31 elements.

- Fix memory leak in ssl._ssl._test_decode_cert.

- Issue #8065: Fix memory leak in readline module (from failure to
free the result of history_get_history_state()).

- Issue #9450: Fix memory leak in readline.replace_history_item and
readline.remove_history_item for readline version >= 5.0.

- Issue #8105: Validate file descriptor passed to mmap.mmap on Windows.

- Issue #9422: Fix memory leak when re-initializing a struct.Struct object.

- Issue #7900: The getgroups(2) system call on MacOSX behaves rather oddly
compared to other unix systems. In particular, os.getgroups() does
not reflect any changes made using os.setgroups() but basicly always
returns the same information as the id command.

os.getgroups() can now return more than 16 groups on MacOSX.

- Issue #7384: If the system readline library is linked against
ncurses, do not link the readline module against ncursesw. The
additional restriction of linking the readline and curses modules
against the same curses library is currently not enabled.

- Issue #8973: Add __all__ to struct module; this ensures that
help(struct) includes documentation for the struct.Struct class.

- Issue #2810: Fix cases where the Windows registry API returns
ERROR_MORE_DATA, requiring a re-try in order to get the complete result.


- Issue #8852: Allow the socket module to build on OpenSolaris.

- Issue #10054: Some platforms provide uintptr_t in inttypes.h. Patch by
Akira Kitada.

- Issue #10055: Make json C89-compliant in UCS4 mode.

- Issue #6244: Allow detect_tkinter to look for Tcl/Tk 8.6.

- Issue #1633863: Don't ignore $CC under AIX.

- Issue #9810: Compile bzip2 source files in python's project file
directly. It used to be built with bzip2's makefile.

- Issue #941346: Improve the build process under AIX and allow Python to
be built as a shared library. Patch by Sbastien Sabl.

- Issue #4026: Make the fcntl extension build under AIX. Patch by Sbastien

- Issue #3101: Helper functions _add_one_to_index_C() and
_add_one_to_index_F() become _Py_add_one_to_index_C() and
_Py_add_one_to_index_F(), respectively.

- Issue #9700: define HAVE_BROKEN_POSIX_SEMAPHORES under AIX 6.x. Patch by
Sbastien Sabl.

- Issue #3928: os.mknod() now available in Solaris, also.

- Issue #6716: Quote -x arguments of compileall in MSI installer.
Exclude 2to3 tests from compileall.

- Issue #1628484: The Makefile doesn't ignore the CFLAGS environment
variable anymore. It also forwards the LDFLAGS settings to the linker
when building a shared library.

- Issue #9701: The MacOSX installer can patch the shell profile to ensure that
the "bin" directory inside the framework is on the shell's search path. This
feature now also supports the ZSH shell.

- Issue #7473: avoid link errors when building a framework with a different
set of architectures than the one that is currently installed.


- Issue #3699: Fix test_bigaddrspace and extend it to test bytestrings
as well as unicode strings. Initial patch by Sandro Tosi.

- Issue #9628: fix runtests.sh -x option so more than one test can be excluded.

- Issue #9894: Do not hardcode ENOENT in test_subprocess.

- Issue #9315: Added tests for the trace module. Patch by Eli Bendersky.

- Issue #7564: Skip test_ioctl if another process is attached to /dev/tty.

- Issue #8857: Provide a test case for socket.getaddrinfo.

- Issue #8433: Fix test_curses failure with newer versions of ncurses.

- Issue #9496: Provide a test suite for the rlcompleter module. Patch by
Michele Orr.

- Issue #9251: test_threaded_import didn't fail when run through regrtest
if the import lock was disabled.

- Issue #7449: Skip test_socketserver if threading support is disabled

- Issue #8672: Add a zlib test ensuring that an incomplete stream can be
handled by a decompressor object without errors (it returns incomplete
uncompressed data).

- Issue #8629: Disable some test_ssl tests, since they give different
results with OpenSSL 1.0.0 and higher.

- Issue #8533: regrtest uses backslashreplace error handler for stdout to avoid
UnicodeEncodeError (write non-ASCII character to stdout using ASCII encoding)

- Issue #8576: Remove use of find_unused_port() in test_smtplib and
test_multiprocessing. Patch by Paul Moore.

- Issue #8531: Skip test_ascii_formatd if ctypes module is missing

- Issue #3864: Skip three test_signal tests on freebsd6 because they fail
if any thread was previously started, most likely due to a platform bug.

- Issue #8193: Fix test_zlib failure with zlib 1.2.4.

- Issue #9568: Fix test_urllib2_localnet on OS X 10.3.


- Issue #9817: Add expat COPYING file; add expat, libffi and expat licenses
to Doc/license.rst.

- Issue #9255: Document that the 'test' package is meant for interal Python use

- Issue #7829: Document in dis that bytecode is an implementation detail.


- Issue #7287: Demo/imputil/knee.py was removed.


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