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☆ tgif-4.2.2

-----------------------> tgif-4.2.1 => tgif-4.2.2 <-----------------------

1) Fix a bug with parsing Tgif.AdditionalFonts. Thanks to Thomas Sefzick
<t.sefzick at fz-juelich.de> for pointing out the bug.
2) Fix a bug with copying and pasting in cygwin. By default, tgif no longer
uses the old style X cut buffer.
3) Fix a bug with copying UTF-8 characters in cygwin.
4) Fix a bug when Tgif.EnableTrueColorImages is set to "true" and positions of
true color (i.e., ppm_true) objects do not show up correctly.
5) In printing/exporting to a PS/EPS/PDF file, if a text object is simple
(i.e., single line with no superscript, subscript, or horizontal thin
space) and it has a background fill pattern, generate PostScript code to
draw a horizontally tighter boundingbox.
6) Add InsertSymbol() under the Text submenu of the Edit Menu.
7) Add a very simple right-margin feature when entering text. This is far
from a full-featured right-margin. It is only activated under the
following conditions: text cursor is at the last position in the text
object being edited (i.e., appending to the current text object), text
object is not transformed, text is left-justified, text cursor is not
inside a superscript or a subscript, no zoom, and Tgif.EditTextSize is not
used. Tgif.RightMargin can be used to specify the right margin.
Tgif.EnableRightMargin can be used to enable this feature.
Add EnableRightMargin() and SpecifyRightMargin() under the Show/Hide
submenu of the Layout Menu.
8) Add overline for text objects.
9) Add "eq4jpg.sym" and "eq4-2x-jpg" to be used instead of "eq4xpm.sym"
if "eq4xpm.sym" gives you an all-black or all-white image. The problem
was that there is a bug in ImageMagick's "convert" when converting EPS
file to a PPM file. With "eq4jpg.sym" and "eq4-2x-jpg.sym", "convert"
will be called to convert an EPS file to a JPEG file with "-scale 25%
-density 576" as commandline parameters. These two new symbol files are
best used with Tgif.EnableTrueColorImages set to "true".
10) Remove Tgif.TighterStructuredSplines from the documentation since this
X default is invalid.
11) Add the following internal commands:


-----------------------> tgif-4.2 => tgif-4.2.1 <-----------------------
1) Fix a bug with rotated circles.
2) Fix a bug with <ALT>c not working on Mac OS X.
3) Fix a bug in Imakefile which would fail to install some icon files during
"make install".

-----------------------> tgif-4.1.45 => tgif-4.2 <-----------------------
1) Fix bugs with copy and paste. Thanks to Dr. Ing. Dieter Jurzitza
<dieter.jurzitza at herrmannultraschall.com> for pointing out the bug and
helping to find the problem.
2) Fix a bug with the pstoepsi() internal command so that tgif does not crash
if pbmtoxbm is not installed. Thanks to Yannick Morvan for pointing out
the bug.
3) Fix a bug with pinned shape menu. The problem was that text cannot be
entered immediately after a shape is created, Thanks to Paul Lew for
pointing out the bug.
4) Fix a crashing bug which happens when Tgif.DefFixedWidthFont is used and a
non-existent double-byte font is specified in the X resource file.
5) Fix a bug with Tgif.DeleteCmdAsCut. It was not handled like the way it
said in the man pages.
6) Incorporate the following patches from the Fedora RPM package

tgif-4.1.41.ja.po (in po/ja)
tgif-4.1ja9.tar.gz (in po/ja)
tgif-wrapper.sh (in po/ja)
tgif.desktop (in po/ja)
tgif.spec (in po/ja)

The following patch is not applied since it did not look correct.


I don't understand why the most-significant-bit is cleared no matter what.
The original code in tgif right below this patch suppose to handle the
situation correctly.
7) Fix a bug with composing international characters. In newer Linux
releases, UTF8 characters are used by default when international
characters are composed. These UTF8 characters are often multi-byte
characters so they needed to be converted to single-byte in order to
use X11 fonts. To get this to work, tgif loads "libidn" dynamically
and calls functions in "libidn" to do the conversion. If your system
does not have "libidn", you can use the -D_NO_IDNLIB compiler option
so that tgif will not attempt to load "libidn".
8) Fix typos in "tgif.pl". Thanks to Carlo Segre <segre at iit.edu> for
pointingn out the bugs.
9) Fix various mistakes in "tgif.man". Thanks to Shigeharu TAKENO
<shige at iee.niit.ac.jp> for the patch.
10) Rename the Tgif.IconPixmap X default to Tgif.WMIconPixmap. If this is
not done, Xtoolkit will interpret this X default and display an error
message. Thanks to Dr. Ing. Dieter Jurzitza
<dieter.jurzitza at herrmannultraschall.com> for pointing out the problem.
11) Export in the SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format. This requires
"uniconvertor" (which is part of the "uniconvertor" package) and "pstoedit"
(which is part of the "pstoedit" package). One known limitation of
"uniconvertor" is that it cannot convert bitmap/pixmap patterns/objects.
12) Add support for user-specified rotation pivot.
13) Add support for "structured splines" where cubic Bezier curves are used.
The Tgif.SplineRubberband X default became obsolete.
14) Add "eq4png.sym" to be used instead of "eq4xpm.sym" if "eq4xpm.sym"
gives you an all-black or all-white image. The problem was that there
is a bug in ImageMagick's "convert" when converting EPS file to a PPM file.
With "eq4png.sym", "convert" will be called to convert an EPS file to a
PNG file.
15) Integrate the Tangram Whiteboard feature into tgif on Linux machines.
This feature used to be experimental (enabled if compiled with the
-D_TGIF_WB2 option). Now the authors of the Reliable IP-multicast Library
(distributed in the "rmcast" subdirectory of tgif) believe that "rmcast" is
mature enough, the interface to "rmcast" is now enabled by default (but not
activated unless you run tgif with the "-tgwb2" commandlinen optoin).

If you want to try this feature, you might want to make sure that your
network interface card has multicast turned on (using "ifconfig <interface>
multicast") and your firewall is not blocking the multicast port used by
the whiteboard (default address is You can try adding
"... -p udp -d -s -j ACCEPT" to

The "libz" and "libpthread" libraries are required to interface with
the "rmcast" library. Therefore, "-lz -lpthread" must be used in
Tgif.tmpl. If your system does not have "libz", you can use the
-D_NO_LIBZ compiler option and remove "-lz" from Tgif.tmpl. If your
system does not have "libpthread", you can remove "-DPTHREAD" and
"-lpthread" from Tgif.tmpl.

Thanks to Jorge Allyson Azevedo <allyson at land.ufrj.br> and other members
of the research group lead by Professor Edmundo de Souze e Silva
<edmundo at land.ufrj.br> at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.
16) Add a new X default, Tgif.EnableTrueColorImages, so that on TrueColor
displays, X11 pixmap and JPEG objects can have all the colors. Internally,
tgif stores them as deflated (using zlib) PPM files. Therefore, this
feature requires zlib and pbmplus to be installed on your system.
17) Add a new X default, Tgif.CustomPatternDir, so that tgif can replace the
default patterns for fills and pens with custom ones. Thanks to
Daniel Bauer <dsbauer at gmail.com> for the patch.
18) Add a new X default, Tgif.ReportMissingFonts, so that tgif can report
missing fonts when it starts.
19) Add new X defaults, Tgif.@@@ConvFromUTF8 and Tgif.@@@ConvToUTF8, where
@@@ is the name of a double-byte font, to convert between UTF8-encoded
strings and strings of the named double-byte font. The specified commands
are used in the new Copy and Paste Double Byte (UTF8) Strings operations
under the Edit Menu.
20) Add a new X default, Tgif.DefaultLatin1FontCharEncoding, so that the 4
default fonts (Times, Courier, Helvetica, and NewCentury) can use character
encoding other than iso8859-1. Newer Linux systems seem to have only a
small number of font sizes available for these fonts. The scalable and
pre-installed version of these fonts are all iso10646-1 encoded. This is
best for creating new tgif files. There may be a slight compatibity
problem with existing tgif files because the iso10646-1 fonts seem to be
taller than their iso8859-1 counterparts.
21) Add Tgif.tmpl-dragonfly (identical to Tgif.tmpl-netbsd) for DragonFly BSD.
22) Enable printing for X11 pixmap objects having too many colors (as long as
it does not have transparent pixels).
23) Add "configure" to the distribution so that on systems that does not have
"imake", a "Makefile" can be created by running "./configure". This is new
and has only been tested on a few platforms. If this does not work on
certain systems, please send an e-mail to the author. Thanks!
24) Add a dependency in the tgif.spec file to declare that tgif depends on the
xorg-x11-fonts-ISO8859-1-75dpi, ghostscript, and netpbm-progs packages.
If you install tgif using an RPM file, you must have these three packages
installed before you can install tgif.
25) Add the following internal commands:



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