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xlockmore-5.29 出ています。

☆ xlockmore-5.29


juggler3d mode stolen from xscreensaver with help from Tim Auckland.
Jouk Jansen made safe for VMS and fixed colour problem.
nose: cleaned up for win32. Still do not know why this mode has
bottom task bar.
petri: crashed due to shift of int, fix from Dr Nigel Warr
<warr AT kp.uni-koeln.de>. petri improved for win32, should not be
red all the time now.
penrose should be working again. Other small fixes for life, etc.
image: image set right away and added option -icononly to only display
image when in password window
Xinerama patch so the password window will be displayed on one screen
thanks to Kaelyn Uhrain <satyr_22901 AT yahoo.com>. (On the wish
list would be to have password window on screen with mouse instead
of first screen.
SuSE patch set thanks to Stanislav Brabec <sbrabec AT suse.cz> and
Petr Gajdos <pgajdos AT suse.cz>. For problems in code and compiler
warnings: fixes build with GLTT and FTGL modules, return if fontset
is null instead of crash, fixes strict-aliasing compiler warning,
makes void function not returning anything.
life3d: resync with my Java code for new patterns.
xlockrc (use of xlock without system password) did not actually check
if Key portion matched Again portion. Also now deletes null .xlockrc
file when there is a mismatch.

invert: build failures from Sun Studio Express C++ like this:
Error, manymatchover: Overloading ambiguity between "operator^(const
TwoJet, double)" and "built-in operator^(int, int)" fixed by casting
to double, thanks to Tim Mooney <Tim.Mooney AT ndsu.edu>.
4 more rhombic dodecahedron S3/B3 patterns including a period 4 pattern
(only S3/B3 period 2 and less patterns left from Bays' papers).
Glider code revamped to make more maintainable, using populateGlider().
unsigned int fix thanks to Jouk Jansen.
Added new cube gliders from Bays 2006 3D Life paper and found a few
patterns for the gliders to crash into. (S23B5, S25B5, S27B5, S35B5,
S36B5, S37B5, S38B5, S4B5, S47B5, S57B6, S58B5, S8B5).
New mode option added "+draw", this turns off drawing to the screen
to speed up searches, and more importantly, make less annoying :)
life: resyncing with my Java code.
Switched how static triangular forms are stored
Added a lots of new triangular patterns, including 2 gunship triangular
patterns. Also added handful of other patterns.
Reading memory on uninitialized variables fix thanks to Jouk Jansen.
"+draw" mode option added.
Pentagonal (Cairo Tiling) life added with glider shooters.
"xlock -mode life -rule S23B346 -neighbors 7" or
"xlock -mode life -pent2".
New gliders found by David Bagley, one in 5 neighbors pentagonal life
(-rule S24B2) "xlock -mode life -pent", the other in 9 neighbor
triangular life "xlock -mode life -neighbors 9" (-rule S3B34).
Associated periodic patterns for each added.
Added more symmetries and now have all the random symmetries
(at least I think so) for squares, hexagaons, triangles, and
Proportions fixed for pentagons. New live chars accepted by
-lifefile . One more triangular life form shooter added.
Macro FTGL213 added for new FTGL library. If you need it to compile
text3d2.cc, make sure it compiles with -DFTGL213. Should work
automatically for VMS though, thanks to Jouk Jansen.

PAM_putText() would set pointer resp->resp to buffer. This will work
until memory is reused. Thanks to Howard Kash <hmkash AT arl.army.mil>.
ico updated to show the two edge transitive Catalan solids, i.e. the
rhombic dodecahedron and the rhombic triacontahedron.
Added __linux__ to define list to allow newer sig masking to get rid of
pesky deprecated message.
configure checks for libXdpms
libXext has the DPMS functionality on both XFree86 4 and X.org.
(libXdpms may be Xfree86 3.x). Added /usr/pkg/lib and /usr/pkg/include to
long list of paths it checks in.
life added more life forms triangular life from Bays' paper and added
S245B3 with glider (-neighbors 8) from Bays' paper. Found some
patterns in S245B3 for the glider to crash into.
life3d -rule S45/B4 -neighbors 18 and -rule S45/B4 -neighbors 20 from
Bays' paper. Found some patterns for the gliders to crash into.
life3d -search added. Need to add more symmetries for 3D.
life3d -rule S3/B3 -neighbors 12 and -rule S456/B3 -neighbors 12. Added
a bunch of patterns from Bays' papers but not all. -neighbors 12 now
a rhombic dodecahedron instead of a cube.
ant3d -neighbors 12 (3d bees). Added eyes option to this.
Just noticed solitaire, a mode I added, was spelled wrong, ie. it was
spelled without the second "i". Fixed a goof in solitaire.cc.

"Esc" key now resets password entry. Do not put an escape in your
password. This should behave the same as Control-U.
-showdate added. +showdate allows you to turn off date in password
window. Also fixed centering for this.
Inverted bitmap for xlock. Added a icon for VMS.
Updated the Java launcher in xlock.
antic cleanups. It found a few minor bugs but mostly makes the code more
readable (without being too overbearing IMHO). The current version trips
on #ifdefs though.
New mode pyro2: -mode pyro2 -msg 'MSGSTR' -fnt 'FONT'
MSGSTR consists of following elements:
EXPLOSION is one of &0, &1, ... &9, &a, .. &f each of which presents a
different type of explosion.
TEXT is a text string like 'linux'. the string may contain blanks.
'\n' is interpreted as a new line.
'\\' is a backslash.
'\&' is an ampersand.
LOGO is the sign #. An exploding penguin or other icon will be shown.
FONT is something like '-*-helvetica-bold-r-*-240-*' the font to be used.
Thanks to Pezhman Givy <phg AT snafu.de>.
Modifications for +install, -mono, and Windows.
New resource files for Chinese... Xlock-zh_TW.ad, resource-msg-zh_TW.h,
xlock-msg-zh_TW.h. Thanks to Wei-Lun Chao <chaoweilun AT gmail.com>.
Following this example, I split out the different languages from XLock.ad
as it seemed odd when editing and did not want to corrupt anything,
especially if I could not verify it.
Automata modes now have triangular tilings drawn with a black
triangle around it. Fixed dilemma, for it only is interesting with 4 or
8 neighbors.

Renamed xlockrc.rc to xlock95.rc.
win95 settings fixes from Frank Fesevur
'Enabled' checkbox set in the savers configuration for is honored
when the random mode is selected.
Dialog rearranged to allow more room for Delay/Count/Cycles.
Version is now displayed.
ant3d,ant,life1d now with better colors. Really looked bad on Windows 95.
rain a new mode from Frank Fesevur.
Patch for running stuff like "xlock95.scr -s ant3d" thanks to
Frank Fesevur <ffes AT users.sourceforge.net> which makes testing
and showing a particular mode much easier.
Fix for xlock -resource in life.c.
Added a compile-time option "-DNO_TIME if you do not want the time in the
password window.

penrose added to xlock95 ("far" changed to "faraway" to compile).
xcl added with a fix for DefaultScreen, which should not be
there since xlock is a multiscreen program.
Created packaging scripts in etc with input of releases to make
it easier for me for release and zip. It gets version from
xlock/version.h .
Changed pgsz and txsz variables in my man2html so it does not cause
corruption in generated xlock.html from man page.
Patch for solitare and reducing binary size for xlock95 thanks to
Frank Fesevur <ffes AT users.sourceforge.net>.
dilemma, voters, wator hexagonal/triangular drawing improvements.
More triangular/hexagonal life from Carter Bays.
Fixes for old options for command line -rule S2b34B2a and
-rule S2a2b4aB2a3a4b using -neighbors 6 .
Fixes for hexagonal diagonal shooters.
Added new hexagonal life -rule S35B2 and S3B245.
Added many new triangular life rules with gliders.
Updated random soup to include multiple symmetries.
Added options runtime -glidersearch and -patternsearch, to be used with
big values of cycles and count ie. -cycles 1000 -count 100000000
Added -repeat num option to help find patterns that do not repeat in num
periods. This will output a pattern in cycles - num . If compared to
the output of cycles, one can see if a new pattern may have been
Added -vertical option to ant, bug, demon, dilemma, dragon, life, loop,
voters, wator, wire, these affect triangles and hexagons and crystal
which affects parallelograms.
DirectColor fixes for password window thanks to Jouk Jansen [still under
development under DIRECTCOLOR_FIX].


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