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[installer 1409] curl-7.18.0

curl-7.18.0 出ています。

☆ curl-7.18.0

Version 7.18.0 (28 January 2008)

Daniel S (27 Jan 2008)
- Dmitry Kurochkin: In "real world" testing I found more bugs in
pipelining. Broken connection is not restored and we get into infinite
loop. It happens because of wrong is_in_pipeline values.

Daniel S (26 Jan 2008)
- Kevin Reed filed bug report #1879375
http://curl.haxx.se/bug/view.cgi?id=1879375) which describes how libcurl
got lost in this scenario: proxy tunnel (or HTTPS over proxy), ask to do any
proxy authentication and the proxy replies with an auth (like NTLM) and then
closes the connection after that initial informational response.

libcurl would not properly re-initialize the connection to the proxy and
continue the auth negotiation like supposed. It does now however, as it will
now detect if one or more authentication methods were available and asked
for, and will thus retry the connection and continue from there.

- I made the progress callback get called properly during proxy CONNECT.

Daniel S (23 Jan 2008)
- Igor Franchuk pointed out that CURLOPT_COOKIELIST set to "ALL" leaked
memory, and so did "SESS". Fixed now.

Yang Tse (22 Jan 2008)
- Check poll.h at configuration time, and use it when sys/poll.h unavailable

Daniel S (22 Jan 2008)
- Dmitry Kurochkin removed the cancelled state for pipelining, as we agreed
that it is bad anyway. Starting now, removing a handle that is in used in a
pipeline will break the pipeline - it'll be set back up again but still...

Yang Tse (21 Jan 2008)
- Disable ldap support for cygwin builds, since it breaks whole build process.
Fixing it will affect other platforms, so it is postponed for another release.

Daniel S (18 Jan 2008)
- Lau Hang Kin found and fixed a problem with the multi interface when doing
CONNECT over a proxy. curl_multi_fdset() didn't report back the socket
properly during that state, due to a missing case in the switch in the
multi_getsock() function.

Yang Tse (17 Jan 2008)
- Don't abort tests 518 and 537 when unable to raise the open-file soft limit.

Daniel S (16 Jan 2008)
- Nathan Coulter's patch that makes runtests.pl respect the PATH when figuring
out what valgrind to run.

Yang Tse (16 Jan 2008)
- Improved handling of out of memory in the command line tool that afected
data url encoded HTTP POSTs when reading it from a file.

Daniel S (16 Jan 2008)
- Dmitry Kurochkin worked a lot on improving the HTTP Pipelining support that
previously had a number of flaws, perhaps most notably when an application
fired up N transfers at once as then they wouldn't pipeline at all that
nicely as anyone would think... Test case 530 was also updated to take the
improved functionality into account.

- Calls to Curl_failf() are not supposed to provide a trailing newline as the
function itself adds that. Fixed on 50 or something strings!

Daniel S (15 Jan 2008)
- I made the torture test on test 530 go through. This was actually due to
silly code left from when we switched to let the multi handle "hold" the dns
cache when using the multi interface... Of course this only triggered when a
certain function call returned error at the correct moment.

Daniel S (14 Jan 2008)
- Joe Malicki filed bug report #1871269
http://curl.haxx.se/bug/view.cgi?id=1871269) and we could fix his hang-
problem that occurred when doing a large HTTP POST request with the
response-body read from a callback.

Daniel S (12 Jan 2008)
- I re-arranged the curl --help output. All the options are now sorted on
their long option names and all descriptions are one-liners.

- Eric Landes provided the patch (edited by me) that introduces the
--keepalive-time to curl to set the keepalive probe interval. I also took
the opportunity to rename the recently added no-keep-alive option to
no-keepalive to keep a consistent naming and to avoid getting two dashes in
these option names. Eric also provided an update to the man page for the new

Daniel S (11 Jan 2008)
- Daniel Egger made CURLOPT_RANGE work on file:// URLs the very same way it
already worked for FTP:// URLs.

- I made the curl tool switch from using CURLOPT_IOCTLFUNCTION to now use the
spanking new CURLOPT_SEEKFUNCTION simply to take advantage of the improved
performance for the upload resume cases where you want to upload the last
few bytes of a very large file. To implement this decently, I had to switch
the client code for uploading from fopen()/fread() to plain open()/read() so
that we can use lseek() to do >32bit seeks (as fseek() doesn't allow that)
on systems that offer support for that.

Daniel S (10 Jan 2008)
- Michal Marek made curl-config --libs not include /usr/lib64 in the output
(it already before skipped /usr/lib). /usr/lib64 is the default library
directory on many 64bit systems and it's unlikely that anyone would use the
path privately on systems where it's not.

- Georg Lippitsch brought CURLOPT_SEEKFUNCTION and CURLOPT_SEEKDATA to allow
libcurl to seek in a given input stream. This is particularly important when
doing upload resumes when there's already a huge part of the file present
remotely. Before, and still if this callback isn't used, libcurl will read
and through away the entire file up to the point to where the resuming
begins (which of course can be a slow opereration depending on file size,
I/O bandwidth and more). This new function will also be preferred to get
used instead of the CURLOPT_IOCTLFUNCTION for seeking back in a stream when
doing multi-stage HTTP auth with POST/PUT.

- Nikitinskit Dmitriy filed bug report #1868255
http://curl.haxx.se/bug/view.cgi?id=1868255) with a patch. It identifies
and fixes a problem with parsing WWW-Authenticate: headers with additional
spaces in the line that the parser wasn't written to deal with.

Daniel S (8 Jan 2008)
- Introducing curl_easy_pause() and new magic return codes for both the read
and the write callbacks that now can make a connection's reading and/or
writing get paused.

Daniel S (6 Jan 2008)
- Jeff Johnson filed bug report #1863171
http://curl.haxx.se/bug/view.cgi?id=1863171) where he pointed out that
libcurl's date parser didn't accept a +1300 time zone which actually is used
fairly often (like New Zealand's Dailight Savings Time), so I modified the
parser to now accept up to and including -1400 to +1400.

Daniel S (5 Jan 2008)
- Based on further discussion on curl-library, I reverted yesterday's SOCKS5
code to instead introduce support for a new proxy type called
CURLPROXY_SOCKS5_HOSTNAME that is used to send the host name to the proxy
instead of IP address and there's thus no longer any need for a new
curl_easy_setopt() option.

The default SOCKS5 proxy is again back to sending the IP address to the
proxy. The new curl command line option for enabling sending host name to a
SOCKS5 proxy is now --socks5-hostname.

Daniel S (4 Jan 2008)
- Based on Maxim Perenesenko's patch, we now do SOCKS5 operations and let the
proxy do the host name resolving and only if --socks5ip (or
CURLOPT_SOCKS5_RESOLVE_LOCAL) is used we resolve the host name locally and
pass on the IP address only to the proxy.

Yang Tse (3 Jan 2008)
- Modified test harness to allow SCP, SFTP and SOCKS4 tests to run with
OpenSSH 2.9.9, SunSSH 1.0 or later versions. SOCKS5 tests need OpenSSH
3.7, SunSSH 1.0 or later.

Daniel S (2 Jan 2008)
- I fixed two cases of missing return code checks when handling chunked
decoding where a write error (or abort return from a callback) didn't stop
libcurl's processing.

- I removed the socklen_t use from the public curl/curl.h header and instead
made it an unsigned int. The type was only used in the curl_sockaddr struct
definition (only used by the curl_opensocket_callback). On all platforms I
could find information about, socklen_t is 32 unsigned bits large so I don't
think this will break the API or ABI. The main reason for this change is of
course for all the platforms that don't have a socklen_t definition in their
headers to build fine again. Providing our own configure magic and custom
definition of socklen_t on those systems proved to work but was a lot of
cruft, code and extra magic needed - when this very small change of type
seems harmless and still solves the missing socklen_t problem.

- Richard Atterer brought a patch that added support for SOCKS4a proxies,
which is an inofficial PROXY4 variant that sends the hostname to the proxy
instead of the resolved address (which is already supported by SOCKS5).
--socks4a is the curl command line option for it and CURLOPT_PROXYTYPE can
now be set to CURLPROXY_SOCKS4A as well.

Daniel S (1 Jan 2008)
- Mohun Biswas pointed out that --libcurl generated a source code with an int
function but without a return statement. While fixing that, I also took care
about adding some better comments for the generated code.

Daniel S (27 Dec 2007)
- Dmitry Kurochkin mentioned a flaw
http://curl.haxx.se/mail/lib-2007-12/0252.html) in detect_proxy() which
failed to set the bits.proxy variable properly when an environment variable
told libcurl to use a http proxy.

Daniel S (26 Dec 2007)
- In an attempt to repeat the problem in bug report #1850730
http://curl.haxx.se/bug/view.cgi?id=1850730) I wrote up test case 552. The
test is doing a 70K POST with a read callback and an ioctl callback over a
proxy requiring Digest auth. The test case code is more or less identical to
the test recipe code provided by Spacen Jasset (who submitted the bug

Daniel S (25 Dec 2007)
- Gary Maxwell filed bug report #1856628
http://curl.haxx.se/bug/view.cgi?id=1856628) and provided a fix for the
(small) memory leak in the SSL session ID caching code. It happened when a
previous entry in the cache was re-used.

Daniel Fandrich (19 Dec 2007)
- Ensure that nroff doesn't put anything but ASCII characters into the
--manual text.

Yang Tse (18 Dec 2007)
- MSVC 9.0 (VS2008) does not support Windows build targets prior to WinXP,
and makes wrong asumptions of build target when it isn't specified. So,
if no build target has been defined we will target WinXP when building
curl/libcurl with MSVC 9.0 (VS2008).

- http://curl.haxx.se/mail/archive-2007-12/0039.html) reported and fixed
a file truncation problem on Windows build targets triggered when retrying
a download with curl.

Daniel S (17 Dec 2007)
- Mateusz Loskot pointed out that MSVC 9.0 (VS2008) has the pollfd struct and
defines in winsock2.h somehow differently than previous versions and that
curl 7.17.1 would fail to compile out of the box.

Daniel S (13 Dec 2007)
- David Wright filed bug report #1849764
http://curl.haxx.se/bug/view.cgi?id=1849764) with an included fix. He
identified a problem for re-used connections that previously had sent
Expect: 100-continue and in some situations the subsequent POST (that didn't
use Expect:) still had the internal flag set for its use. David's fix (that
makes the setting of the flag in every single request unconditionally) is
fine and is now used!

Daniel S (12 Dec 2007)
- Gilles Blanc made the curl tool enable SO_KEEPALIVE for the connections and
added the --no-keep-alive option that can disable that on demand.

Daniel S (9 Dec 2007)
- Andrew Moise filed bug report #1847501
http://curl.haxx.se/bug/view.cgi?id=1847501) and pointed out a memcpy()
that should be memmove() in the convert_lineends() function.

Daniel S (8 Dec 2007)
- Renamed all internal static functions that had Curl_ prefixes to no longer
have them. The Curl_ prefix is exclusively used for library internal global
symbols. Static functions can be named anything, except for using Curl_ or
curl_ prefixes. This is for consistency and for easier maintainance and

- Cleaned up and reformatted the TODO document to look like the FAQ and
CONTRIBUTE, which makes nicer web pages

- Added test cases 549 and 550 that test CURLOPT_PROXY_TRANSFER_MODE.

- Added keywords on a bunch of test cases

- Fixed an OOM problem in the curl code that would lead to fclose on a bad
handle and crash

Daniel S (5 Dec 2007)
- Spacen Jasset reported a problem with doing POST (with data read with a
callback) over a proxy when NTLM is used as auth with the proxy. The bug
also concerned Digest and was limited to using callback only. Spacen worked
with us to provide a useful patch. I added the test case 547 and 548 to
verify two variations of POST over proxy with NTLM.

Daniel S (3 Dec 2007)
- Ray Pekowski filed bug report #1842029
http://curl.haxx.se/bug/view.cgi?id=1842029) in which he identified a
problem with SSL session caching that prevent it from working, and provided
the associated fix!

- Now libcurl (built with OpenSSL) doesn't return error anymore if the remote
SSL-based server doesn't present a certificate when the request is told to
ignore certificate verification anyway.

- Michal Marek introduced CURLOPT_PROXY_TRANSFER_MODE which is used to control
the appending of the "type=" thing on FTP URLs when they are passed to a
HTTP proxy. Some proxies just don't like that appending (which is done
unconditionally in 7.17.1), and some proxies treat binary/ascii transfers
better with the appending done!

Daniel S (29 Nov 2007)
- A bug report on the curl-library list showed a HTTP Digest session going on
with a 700+ letter nonce. Previously libcurl only support 127 letter ones
and now I bumped it to 1023.

- Fixed the resumed FTP upload loop to not require that the read callback
returns a full buffer on each invoke.

Daniel S (25 Nov 2007)
- Added test case 1015 that tests --data-urlencode in multiple ways

- Fixed --data-urlencode for when no @ or = are used

- Extended the user-agent buffer curl uses, since we can hit the 128 byte
border with plenty development libraries used. Like my current set: "curl
7.17.2-CVS (i686-pc-linux-gnu) libcurl/7.17.2-CVS OpenSSL/0.9.8g
zlib/ c-ares/1.5.2-CVS libidn/1.1 libssh2/0.19.0-CVS"

Daniel S (24 Nov 2007)
- Internal rearrangements, so that the previous struct HandleData is no more.
It is now known as SingleRequest and the Curl_transfer_keeper struct within
that was remove entirely. This has the upside that there are less duplicate
struct members that made it hard to see and remember what struct that was
used to store what data. The transfer_keeper thing was once stored on a
per-connection basis and then it made sense to have the duplicate info but
since it was moved to the SessionHandle (in 7.16.0) it just added weirdness.
The SingleRequest struct is used by data that only is valid for this single

Yang Tse (22 Nov 2007)
- Provide a socklen_t definition in curl.h for Win32 API build targets
which don't have one.

Daniel S (22 Nov 2007)
- Alessandro Vesely helped me improve the --data-urlencode's syntax, parser
and documentation.

Daniel S (21 Nov 2007)
- While inspecting the Negotiate code, I noticed how the proxy auth was using
the same state struct as the host auth, so both could never be used at the
same time! I fixed it (without being able to check) to use two separate
structs to allow authentication using Negotiate on host and proxy

Daniel S (20 Nov 2007)
- Emil Romanus pointed out a bug that made an easy handle get the cookie
engine activated when set to use a share (even if the share doesn't share
cookies). I fixed it.

- Fixed a very long-lasting mprintf() bug that occurred when we did "%.*s%s",
since the second %s would then wrongly used the numerical precision argument
instead and crash.

- Introduced --data-urlencode to the curl tool for easier url encoding of the
data sent in a post.

Daniel S (18 Nov 2007)
- Rob Crittenden fixed SSL connections with NSS done with the multi-interface

Daniel S (17 Nov 2007)
- Michal Marek made the test suite remember what test servers that fail to
start so that subsequent tries are simply skipped.

- Andres Garcia made the examples build fine on Windows (mingw + msys) when
the lib was built staticly.

Daniel S (16 Nov 2007)
- Ates Goral identified a problem in http.c:add_buffer_send() when a debug
callback was used, as it could wrongly pass on a bad size for the outgoing
HTTP header. The bad size would be a very large value as it was a wrapped
size_t content. This happened when the whole HTTP request failed to get sent
in one single send. http://curl.haxx.se/mail/lib-2007-11/0165.html

Daniel S (15 Nov 2007)
- Fixed yet another remaining problem with doing SFTP directory listings on a
re-used persistent connection. Mentioned by Immanuel Gregoire on the mailing

- Michal Marek fixed the test suite to better deal with the case when the HTTP
ipv6 server can't run.

Yang Tse (14 Nov 2007)
- Fix a variable potential wrapping in add_buffer() when using absolutely
huge send buffer sizes.

Daniel S (13 Nov 2007)
- Fixed a remaining problem with doing SFTP directory listings on a re-used
persistent connection. Mentioned by Immanuel Gregoire on the mailing list.

Daniel S (12 Nov 2007)
- Bug report #1830637 http://curl.haxx.se/bug/view.cgi?id=1830637), which was
forwarded from the Gentoo bug tracker by Daniel Black and was originally
submitted by Robin Johnson, pointed out that libcurl would do bad memory
references when it failed and bailed out before the handler thing was
setup. My fix is not done like the provided patch does it, but instead I
make sure that there's never any chance for a NULL pointer in that struct

Yang Tse (10 Nov 2007)
- Vikram Saxena http://curl.haxx.se/mail/lib-2007-11/0096.html) pointed out
that the pollfd struct was being multi defined when using VS2008. This is
now fixed in /curl/lib/select.h

Daniel S (8 Nov 2007)
- Bug report #1823487 http://curl.haxx.se/bug/view.cgi?id=1823487) pointed
out that SFTP requests didn't use persistent connections. Neither did SCP
ones. I gave the SSH code a good beating and now both SCP and SFTP should
use persistent connections fine. I also did a bunch of indent changes as
well as a bug fix for the "keyboard interactive" auth.

Dan F (6 Nov 2007)
- Improved telnet support by drastically reducing the number of write
callbacks needed to pass a buffer to the user. Instead one per byte it
is now as little as one per segment.

Yang Tse (6 Nov 2007)
- Bug report #1824894 http://curl.haxx.se/bug/view.cgi?id=1824894) pointed
out a problem in curl.h when building C++ apps with MSVC. To fix it, the
inclusion of header files in curl.h is moved outside of the C++ extern "C"
linkage block.

Daniel S (1 Nov 2007)
- Toby Peterson patched a memory problem in the command line tool that
happened when a user had a home dir as an empty string. curl would then do
free() on a wrong area.

Dan F (1 Nov 2007)
- Fixed curl-config --features to not display libz when it wasn't used
due to a missing header file.

Dan F (31 October 2007)
- Fixed the output of curl-config --protocols which showed SCP and SFTP
always, except when --without-libssh2 was given

- Added test cases 1013 and 1014 to check that curl-config --protocols and
curl-config --features matches the output of curl --version

Dan F (30 October 2007)
- Fixed an OOM problem with file: URLs

- Moved Curl_file_connect into the protocol handler struct

Dan F (29 October 2007)
- Added test case 546 to check that subsequent FTP transfers work after a
failed one using the multi interface

Daniel S (29 October 2007)
- Based on one of those bug reports that are intercepted by a distro's bug
tracker (https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=316191), I now made
curl-config --features and --protocols show the correct output when built
with NSS.


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